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Sessional Returns Session 1997-98 

Here you can browse the Sessional Returns for Session 1997-98.


Terms of Reference

1.  Business of the House:

A. Questions

B. Notices of Motions for an Early Day

C. Disciplinary Powers of the Chair

D. Public Petitions

2.  Closure of Debate, Proposal of Question and Allocation of Time (including Programme Motions):

A. Closure of Debate

B. Power of Chair to propose Question

C. Allocation of Time (including Programme Motions)

3.   Sittings of the House:

A. Days and hours of sitting

B. Distribution of time on the floor of the House between principal types of business

4.  Private Bills and Private Business:

A. Private Bills, Private Business and Special Procedure Orders: General

B. Dates of the House's consideration of the several stages of Private Bills

C. Opposed Bill Committees

D. Committee on Unopposed Bills

E. Bills to confirm Orders under the Private Legislation Procedure

(Scotland) Act 1936

F. Court of Referees

G. Standing Orders Committee

H. Special Procedure Orders

I. Joint Committees

5.  Public Bills:

A. General Summary

B. Bills which received the Royal Assent

C. Bills which did not receive the Royal Assent

D. House's consideration of the several stages of Public Bills

E. Consideration of Bills in Committee of the whole House

F. Consideration of Bills in Standing Committee

6.  Delegated Legislation and Deregulation Orders:

A. Instruments laid before the House

B. Instruments considered by the Joint and Select Committees on Statutory Instruments

C. Consideration in the House and in Standing Committee

D. Chairmen and Members of Standing Committees on Delegated Legislation

E. Deregulation proposals and draft Orders

7.  European Legislation, etc.:

A. Consideration by the Select Committee on European Legislation and the European Scrutiny Committee

B. Consideration on a Motion on the floor of the House and in European Standing Committees

8.  Grand Committees:

A. Northern Ireland Grand Committee

B. Scottish Grand Committee

C. Welsh Grand Committee

9.  Chairmen's Panel

10.  Select Committees:

A. Members serving on Select Committees

1.  Alphabetical list of names of Members appointed to serve on Select Committees

2.  Number of Members serving on Select Committees

B. Select Committee Attendance, Work, Publications etc.

1.  Accommodation and Works

2.  Administration

3.  Agriculture

4.  Broadcasting

5.  Catering

6.  Joint Committee on Consolidation, &c. ,Bills

7.  Culture, Media and Sport

8.  Defence

9.  Deregulation

10.  Education and Employment

10A.  Education and Employment: Education Sub-Committee

10B.  Education and Employment: Employment Sub-Committee

11.  Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs

11A. Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs: Environment Sub-Committee

11B.  Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs: Transport Sub-Committee

12.  Environmental Audit

13.  European Legislation

14.  European Scrutiny

15.  Finance and Services

16.  Foreign Affairs

16A.  Foreign Affairs Committee: Entry Clearance Sub-Committee

17.  Health

18.  Home Affairs

19.  Information

20.  International Development

21.  Liaison

22.  Modernisation of the House of Commons

23.  Northern Ireland Affairs

24.  Joint Committee on Parliamentary Privilege

25.  Procedure

26.  Public Administration

27.  Committee of Public Accounts

28.  Science and Technology

29.  Scottish Affairs

30.  Selection

31.  Social Security

32.  Committee on Standards and Privileges

33.  Select Committee on Statutory Instruments

34.  Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments

35.  Trade and Industry

36.  Treasury

36A.  Treasury Sub-Committee

37.  Welsh Affairs

C. General Statistics Relating to Select Committees

1A. Printing Costs, Financial Year 1997-98

1B. Printing Costs, Session 1997-98

2A. Select Committee Expenses, Financial Year 1997-98

2B.   Select Committee Expenses, Session 1997-98

3.    Select Committee staff

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Prepared 29 January 1999