Sessional Returns Session 1997-98 - Contents


Information and statistics relating to Questions; Notices of Motions for an Early Day; the exercise of disciplinary powers by the Chair and by order of the House; and Public Petitions.

A. Questions

Number of Questions which appeared on the Order Paper:-

- for written answer on a named day — 23,532

- for ordinary written answer — 29,120

Total for written answer — 52,652

- for oral answer — 8,113

- number reached for answer in the House — 3,382

Total number of Questions — 60,765

Number of Private Notice Questions — 28

Number of days upon which replies to Questions for oral answer were given in the House — 198

B. Notices of Motions for an Early Day

Total number of Notices of Motions given for an Early Day — 1,757

including the number which were Prayers for the annulment of statutory instruments — 300

C. Disciplinary Powers of the Chair

Members ordered to withdraw

Number of Members ordered to withdraw from the House under Standing Order No. 43 (Disorderly conduct)

- in the House — 0

- in Committee of the whole House — 0

Total — 0

Members suspended from the service of the House

Number of Members

- suspended from the service of the House by order made under Standing Order No. 44 (Order in debate) — 0

- by orders made otherwise — 1

Total — 1

D. Public Petitions

Total number of Petitions — 99

Number of Petitions presented at the times specified by Standing Order No. 154 (Time and manner of presenting petitions) — 73

Number of Petitions on which observations were tabled pursuant to Standing Order No. 156 (Printing of petitions and of ministerial replies) — 51

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Prepared 29 January 1999