Sessional Returns Session 1997-98 - Contents


Information and statistics relating to the sittings of the House and the time spent on different types of business on the floor of the House.

A. Days and hours of sitting


The Session began on 7th May 1997 and ended on 19th November 1998. The House sat Monday-Friday (except on those Fridays listed below) between the following dates (inclusive): 7th May 1997 (State Opening 14th May)-22nd May (except Monday 12th May); 2nd June-1st July; 27th October-22nd December; 12th January 1998-8th April; 20th April-21st May; 1st June-31st July; 2nd and 3rd September (Emergency Recall); 19th October-19th November. The House did not sit on the following Fridays: 13th June 1997; 31st October 1997; 20th February 1998; 3rd April 1998; 1st and 15th May 1998; 12th and 26th June 1998; 23rd and 30th October 1998 and 6th and 13th November 1998.

The average sitting day lasted 8 hours and 47 minutes; and the average duration of sitting beyond the moment of interruption (10 pm Monday-Thursday and 2.30 pm on Fridays) was 57 minutes.

All figures are in hours and minutes

MonthNo.of days of sittingNo. of hours of sittingNo. of hours after moment of interruption
1997-98 Session began 7th May 1997
(State Opening 14th May 1997)
Whitsun adjournment
23rd May 1997 - 2nd June 1997
Summer adjournment
1st August 1997 - 27th October 1997
Christmas adjournment
23rd December 1997 - 12th January 1998
Easter adjournment
9th April 1998 - 20th April 1998
Whitsun adjournment
22nd May 1998 - 1st June 1998
Summer adjournment
1st August 1998 - 19th October 1998
(Emergency recall)

Days and hours of sitting
(all figures are in hours and minutes)


Bold type indicates days on which the House rose at or after midnight
A denotes a day allotted for the consideration of Estimates under S.O. No. 54
B denotes a Wednesday appointed by the Speaker under S.O. No. 10(4) for debate until 12.30pm on select committee reports chosen by the Liaison Committee

MAY 1997

Day of the monthDay of the weekHour of meetingHour of adjournmentNo. of hoursNo. of hours after moment of interruption
7thWednesday2.30 pm3.32 pm1.02-
8thThursday2.30 pm4.58 pm2.28-
9thFriday9.30 am 12.00 pm2.30-
12thMonday (Non-Sitting Day)---
13thTuesday2.30 pm 4.36 pm2.06-
14thWednesday11.25 am10.30 pm11.050.30
15thThursday2.30 pm10.14 pm7.440.14
16thFriday9.30 am2.59 pm5.290.29
19thMonday2.30 pm10.53 pm8.230.53
20thTuesday2.30 pm11.31 pm9.011.31
21stWednesday9.30 am10.29 pm12.590.29
22ndThursday2.30 pm10.30 pm8.000.30
House rose for Whitsun adjournment
No. of sitting days: 11TOTAL: 70.474.36
JUNE 1997
House sat after Whitsun adjournment
2ndMonday2.30 pm1.28 am10.583.28
3rdTuesday2.30 pm10.31 pm8.010.31
4thWednesday9.30 am11.58 pm14.281.58
5thThursday 2.30 pm1.45 am 11.153.45
6thFriday9.30 am3.00 pm5.300.30
9thMonday2.30 pm12.31 am10.012.31
10thTuesday2.30 pm10.45 pm 8.150.45
11thWednesday9.30 am11.05 pm13.351.05
12thThursday2.30 pm7.27 pm4.57-
13thFriday (Non-Sitting Friday)---
16thMonday2.30 pm8.35 pm6.05-
17thTuesday2.30 pm10.48 pm8.180.48
18thWednesday9.30 am11.15 pm13.451.15
19thThursday2.30 pm7.51 pm5.21-
20thFriday 9.30 am2.59 pm5.290.29
23rdMonday2.30 pm5.42 pm3.12-
24thTuesday2.30 pm9.28 pm6.58-
25thWednesday9.30 am10.59 pm13.290.59
26thThursday2.30 pm8.51 pm6.21-
27thFriday9.30 am2.59 pm5.290.29
30thMonday2.30 pm7.51 pm5.21-
No. of sitting days: 20TOTAL: 166.4818.33
JULY 1997
1stTuesday2.30 pm10.30 pm8.000.30
2ndWednesday9.30 am10.29 pm12.590.29
3rdThursday2.30 pm10.22 pm7.520.22
4thFriday9.30 am2.51 pm 5.210.21
7thMonday2.30 pm11.54 pm9.241.54
8thTuesday2.30 pm8.46 pm6.16-
9thWednesday9.30 am10.50 pm 13.200.50
10thThursday2.30 pm10.38 pm8.080.38
11thFriday9.30 am2.33 pm5.030.03
14thMonday2.30 pm1.23 am10.533.23
15thTuesday2.30 pm11.01 pm8.311.01
16thWednesday9.30 am10.46 pm13.160.46
17thThursday2.30 pm7.50 pm5.20-
18thFriday9.30 am2.55 pm5.250.25
21stMonday2.30 pm6.36 pm4.06-
22ndTuesday2.30 pm10.41 pm8.110.41
23rdWednesday9.30 am8.38 pm11.08-
24thThursday2.30 pm8.31 pm6.01-
25thFriday9.30 am2.53 pm5.230.23
28thMonday2.30 pm10.43 pm8.130.43
29thTuesday2.30 pm10.45 pm8.150.45
30thWednesday9.30 am9.04 pm11.34-
31stThursday2.30 pm10.31 pm8.010.31
House rose for Summer adjournment
No. of sitting days: 23TOTAL: 190.4013.45
House sat after Summer adjournment
27thMonday2.30 pm10.29 pm7.590.29
28thTuesday2.30 pm10.30 pm8.000.30
29thWednesday9.30 am10.30 pm13.000.30
30thThursday2.30 pm6.54 pm4.24-
31stFriday (Non-Sitting Friday)---
No. of sitting days: 4TOTAL: 33.231.29
3rdMonday2.30 pm8.32 pm6.02-
4thTuesday2.30 pm10.55 pm8.250.55
5thWednesday9.30 am7.41 pm10.11-
6thThursday2.30 pm9.10 pm6.40-
7thFriday 9.30 am2.55 pm 5.250.25
10thMonday2.30 pm11.08 pm8.381.08
11thTuesday2.30 pm11.00 pm8.301.00
12thWednesday9.30 am10.40 pm 13.100.40
13thThursday2.30 pm10.29 pm7.590.29
14thFriday9.30 am2.59 pm5.290.29
17thMonday2.30 pm10.26 pm7.560.26
18thTuesday2.30 pm9.54 pm7.24-
19thWednesday9.30 am10.29 pm12.590.29
20thThursday2.30 pm8.38 pm6.08-
21stFriday9.30 am2.59 pm5.290.29
24thMonday2.30 pm11.31 pm9.011.31
25thTuesday2.30 pm10.43 pm8.130.43
26thWednesday9.30 am9.23 pm11.53-
27thThursday2.30 pm10.23 pm7.530.23
28thFriday9.30 am3.07 pm5.370.37
No. of sitting days: 20TOTAL: 163.029.44
1stMonday2.30 pm10.43 pm8.130.43
2ndTuesday2.30 pm10.29 pm7.590.29
3rdWednesday9.30 am10.31 pm13.010.31
4thThursday2.30 pm9.24 pm6.54-
5thFriday 9.30 am2.37 pm5.070.07
8thMonday2.30 pm10.29 pm7.590.29
9thTuesday2.30 pm12.00 am9.302.00
10thWednesday9.30 am1.09 am 15.393.09
11thThursday2.30 pm8.53 pm6.23-
12thFriday 9.30 am3.00 pm5.300.30
15thMonday2.30 pm10.24 pm7.540.24
16thTuesday2.30 pm10.40 pm8.100.40
17thWednesday9.30 am12.08 am14.382.08
18thThursday2.30 pm8.25 pm5.55-
19thFriday9.30 am2.58 pm5.280.28
22ndMonday2.30 pm10.41 pm8.110.41
House rose for Christmas adjournment
No. of sitting days: 16TOTAL: 136.3112.19
House sat after Christmas adjournment
12thMonday2.30 pm10.28 pm7.580.28
13thTuesday2.30 pm10.41 pm8.110.41
14thWednesday9.30 am11.00 pm13.301.00
15thThursday2.30 pm10.30 pm8.000.30
16thFriday9.30 am3.00 pm5.300.30
19thMonday2.30 pm10.48 pm8.180.48
20thTuesday2.30 pm10.30 pm8.000.30
21stWednesday9.30 am10.46 pm 13.160.46
22ndThursday2.30 pm10.42 pm8.120.42
23rdFriday9.30 am3.03 pm5.330.33
26thMonday2.30 pm10.29 pm7.590.29
27thTuesday2.30 pm10.42 pm8.120.42
28thWednesday9.30 am11.37 pm14.071.37
29thThursday2.30 pm10.48 pm8.180.48
30thFriday9.30 am2.58 pm5.280.28
No. of sitting days: 15TOTAL: 130.3210.32
2ndMonday2.30 pm10.27 pm7.570.27
3rdTuesday2.30 pm10.59 pm8.290.59
4thWednesday9.30 am2.39 am17.094.39
5thThursday2.30 pm11.05 pm8.351.05
6thFriday9.30 am3.00 pm5.300.30
9thMonday2.30 pm10.35 pm8.050.35
10thTuesday2.30 pm12.13 am9.432.13
11thWednesday9.30 am1.54 am 16.243.54
12thThursday2.30 pm10.31 pm8.010.31
13thFriday9.30 am3.02 pm5.320.32
16thMonday2.30 pm10.58 pm8.280.58
17thTuesday2.30 pm10.46 pm8.160.46
18thBWednesday9.30 am8.52 pm11.22-
19thThursday2.30 pm7.38 pm5.08-
20thFriday (Non-sitting Friday)---
23rdMonday2.30 pm11.31 pm9.011.31
24thTuesday2.30 pm10.30 pm8.000.30
25thWednesday9.30 am10.31 pm13.010.31
26thThursday2.30 pm10.39 pm8.090.39
27thFriday9.30 am3.00 pm5.30 0.30
No. of sitting days: 19TOTAL: 172.2020.50
MARCH 1998
2ndMonday2.30 pm11.31 pm9.011.31
3rdTuesday2.30 pm10.54 pm8.240.54
4thWednesday9.30 am10.30 pm13.000.30
5thThursday2.30 pm9.31 pm7.01-
6thFriday9.30 am3.00 pm5.300.30
9thMonday2.30 pm9.53 am19.2311.53
10thTuesday2.30 pm12.37 am10.072.37
11thWednesday9.30 am3.19 am 17.495.19
12thThursday2.30 pm10.20 pm7.500.20
13thFriday9.30 am3.38 pm6.081.08
16thMonday2.30 pm12.04 am9.342.04
17thTuesday2.30 pm10.30 pm8.000.30
18thWednesday9.30 am10.30 pm13.000.30
19thThursday2.30 pm10.30 pm8.000.30
20thFriday9.30 am3.04 pm5.340.34
23rdMonday2.30 pm11.25 pm8.551.25
24thTuesday2.30 pm6.44 am16.148.44
25thBWednesday9.30 am12.32 am15.022.32
26thThursday2.30 pm10.29 pm7.590.29
27thFriday9.30 am3.02 pm5.320.32
30thMonday2.30 pm10.36 pm8.060.36
31stTuesday2.30 pm12.07 am9.372.07
No. of sitting days: 22TOTAL: 219.4645.15
APRIL 1998
1stWednesday9.30 am11.47 pm14.171.47
2ndThursday2.30 pm7.48 pm5.18-
3rdFriday (Non-sitting Friday)---
6thMonday2.30 pm10.35 pm8.050.35
7thTuesday2.30 pm10.50 pm8.200.50
8thWednesday9.30 am10.28 pm 12.580.28
Easter adjournment
20thMonday2.30 pm9.39 pm7.09-
21stTuesday2.30 pm12.30 am10.002.30
22ndWednesday9.30 am12.38 am15.082.38
23rdThursday2.30 pm10.30 pm8.000.30
24thFriday9.30 am3.08 pm5.380.38
27thMonday2.30 pm10.33 pm8.030.33
28thTuesday2.30 pm10.36 pm8.060.36
29thWednesday9.30 am10.43 pm 13.130.43
30thThursday2.30 pm8.44 pm6.14-
No. of sitting days: 14TOTAL: 130.2911.48
MAY 1998
1stFriday (Non-sitting Friday)---
5thTuesday2.30 pm8.02 pm5.32-
6thWednesday9.30 am11.23 pm 13.531.23
7thThursday2.30 pm8.47 pm6.17-
8thFriday9.30 am2.39 pm5.090.09
11thMonday2.30 pm10.55 pm8.250.55
12thTuesday2.30 pm11.45 pm9.151.45
13thWednesday9.30 am11.34 pm14.041.34
14thThursday2.30 pm7.33 pm5.03-
15thFriday (Non-sitting Friday)---
18thMonday2.30 pm10.43 pm8.130.43
19thTuesday2.30 pm11.05 pm8.351.35
20thWednesday9.30 am11.51 pm14.211.51
21stThursday2.30 pm8.57 pm6.27-
House rose for Whitsun adjournment
No. of sitting days: 12TOTAL: 105.149.25
JUNE 1998
House sat after Whitsun adjournment
1stMonday2.30 pm12.20 am9.502.20
2ndTuesday2.30 pm10.41 pm8.110.41
3rdWednesday9.30 am11.40 pm14.101.40
4thThursday2.30 pm10.23 pm7.530.23
5thFriday 9.30 am2.55 pm5.250.25
8thMonday2.30 pm12.22 am9.522.22
9thTuesday2.30 pm10.39 pm8.090.39
10thWednesday9.30 am10.44 pm 13.140.44
11thThursday2.30 pm10.01 pm7.310.01
12thFriday (Non-sitting Friday)---
15thMonday2.30 pm10.27 pm7.570.27
16thTuesday2.30 pm12.35 am10.052.35
17thBWednesday9.30 am11.17 pm13.471.17
18thThursday2.30 pm9.51 pm7.21-
19thFriday9.30 am2.57 pm5.270.27
22ndMonday2.30 pm11.17 pm8.471.17
23rdTuesday2.30 pm10.41 pm8.110.41
24thWednesday9.30 am10.38 pm13.080.38
25thThursday2.30 pm8.29 pm5.59-
26thFriday (Non-sitting Friday)---
29thMonday2.30 pm10.44 pm8.140.44
30thTuesday2.30 pm11.53 pm9.231.53
No. of sitting days: 20TOTAL: 182.3419.14
JULY 1998
1stWednesday9.30 am12.37 am15.072.37
2ndThursday2.30 pm10.30 pm8.000.30
3rdFriday9.30 am3.15 pm5.450.45
6thAMonday2.30 pm10.32 pm8.020.32
7thTuesday2.30 pm11.44 pm9.141.44
8thWednesday9.30 am12.31 am15.012.31
9thThursday2.30 pm10.28 pm7.580.28
10thFriday9.30 am2.20 pm 4.50-
13thMonday2.30 pm12.58 am10.282.58
14thATuesday2.30 pm12.00 am9.302.00
15thWednesday9.30 am12.39 am15.092.39
16thThursday2.30 pm10.30 pm8.000.30
17thFriday9.30 am3.00 pm5.300.30
20thMonday2.30 pm10.43 pm8.130.43
21stTuesday2.30 pm10.47 pm8.170.47
22ndWednesday9.30 am11.32 pm14.021.32
23rdThursday2.30 pm9.51 pm7.21-
24thFriday9.30 am2.01 pm4.31-
27thMonday2.30 pm12.25 am9.552.25
28thTuesday2.30 pm11.01 pm8.311.01
29thWednesday9.30 am12.25 am14.552.25
30thThursday2.30 pm9.51 pm7.21-
31stFriday9.30 am1.48 pm4.18-
House rose for summer adjournment
No. of sitting days: 23TOTAL: 209.5826.37
House sat for emergency recall of Parliament
2ndWednesday2.30 pm6.50 am16.208.50
3rdThursday2.30 pm1.35 am11.053.35
House rose after emergency recall of Parliament
No. of sitting days: 2TOTAL: 27.2512.25
House sat after summer adjournment
19thMonday2.30 pm10.23 pm7.530.23
20thTuesday2.30 pm10.46 pm8.160.46
21stWednesday9.30 am9.45 pm12.15-
22ndThursday2.30 pm10.29 pm7.590.29
23rdFriday (Non-sitting Friday)---
26thMonday2.30 pm10.33 pm8.030.33
27thTuesday2.30 pm9.28 pm6.58-
28thWednesday9.30 am10.27 pm 12.570.27
29thThursday2.30 pm8.48 pm6.18-
30thFriday (Non-sitting Friday)---
No. of sitting days: 8TOTAL: 70.392.38
2ndMonday2.30 pm10.29 pm7.590.29
3rdTuesday2.30 pm10.29 pm7.590.29
4thWednesday9.30 am10.50 pm13.200.50
5thThursday2.30 pm10.25 pm7.550.25
6thFriday (Non-sitting Friday)---
9thMonday2.30 pm10.44 pm8.140.44
10thTuesday2.30 pm12.08 am9.382.08
11thWednesday9.30 am8.53 pm 11.23-
12thThursday2.30 pm10.27 pm7.570.27
13thFriday (Non-sitting Friday)---
16thMonday2.30 pm10.50 pm8.200.50
17thTuesday2.30 pm10.00 pm7.30-
18thWednesday9.30 am12.52 am15.222.52
19thThursday2.30 pm4.21 pm1.51-
Parliament prorogued
No. of sitting days: 12TOTAL: 107.289.14

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