Sessional Returns Session 1997-98 - Contents


Information and statistics relating to Public Bills.*

* For Bills to confirm Provisional Orders and Bills to confirm Orders under the Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act 1936 see Chapter 4 relating to Private Bills and Private Business.

A. General Summary

Number of Bills which received the Royal Assent:-

    - started in the Commons    42
      - Government  34
      - Private Members'  8

    - brought from the Lords    20
      - Government  18
      - Private Members'  2

    Total  62

    Number of Bills which did not receive the Royal Assent:-

      Type of Bills
      - started in the Commons    128
        - Government  1
        - Private Members'  127

      - brought from the Lords    12
        - Government  0
        - Private Members'  12

      Total  140

      Progress of Bills
      - introduced into, but not passed by the Commons    127
      - passed by the Commons but not by the Lords    0
      - passed by the Lords but not taken up by the Commons    2
      - passed by the Lords but not passed by the Commons    10
      - passed by both Houses but Amendments not agreed to    1
      Total  140

    Total number of Bills started in the Commons or brought from the Lords  202

B. Bills which received the Royal Assent

Bills marked thus * were Government Bills
Bills marked thus † received precedence in Government time

Animal Health (Amendment)
*Audit Commission [Lords]
*Bank of England
Community Care (Residential Accommodation)
*Competition [Lords]
*Consolidated Fund (received the Royal Assent as the Consolidated Fund (No. 2) Act 1997)
*Consolidated Fund (No. 2) (received the Royal Assent as the Consolidated Fund Act 1998)
*Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) (received the Royal Assent as the Appropriation Act(No. 2) 1997)
*Consolidated Fund (Appropriation ) (No. 2) (received the Royal Assent as the Appropriation Act 1998)
*Crime and Disorder [Lords]
Criminal Justice (International Co-operation)(Amendment) [Lords]
*Criminal Justice (Terrorism and Conspiracy)
*Criminal Procedure (Intermediate Diets) (Scotland)
*Data Protection [Lords]  
*Education (Schools)
*Education (Student Loans)
Employment Rights (Dispute Resolution) [Lords]
*European Communities (Amendment)
*Finance (received the Royal Assent as the Finance (No. 2) Act 1997 )
*Finance (No. 2) (received the Royal Assent as the Finance Act 1998)
*Firearms (Amendment) (received the Royal Assent as the Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997)
*Fossil Fuel Levy [Lords]
*Government of Wales
*Greater London Authority (Referendum)
Human Rights [Lords]
*Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) [Lords]
*Law Officers [Lords]
*Local Government (Contracts)
*Local Government Finance (Supplementary Credit Approvals)
*Magistrates' Courts (Procedure) [Lords]
*Ministerial and other Salaries
*National Health Service (Private Finance)
*National Lottery [Lords]
*National Minimum Wage
*Northern Ireland
*Northern Ireland (Elections)
*Northern Ireland (Emergency Provisions)
*Northern Ireland (Sentences)
*Nuclear Explosions (Prohibition and Inspections) [Lords]
*Petroleum [Lords]
*Plant Varieties [Lords]
*Police (Northern Ireland)
Private Hire Vehicles (London)
Public Interest Disclosure
*Public Processions (Northern Ireland)
*Referendums (Scotland and Wales)
*Regional Development Agencies
Registered Establishments (Scotland)
*Registration of Political Parties
Road Traffic Reduction (National Targets) (changed from Road Traffic Reduction (United Kingdom Targets))
*School Standards and Framework
*Social Security
*Special Immigration Appeals Commission [Lords]
*Statute Law (Repeals)[Lords]
*Supreme Court (Offices)
*Tax Credits (Initial Expenditure)
*Teaching and Higher Education [Lords]
Waste Minimisation
*Wireless Telegraphy [Lords]

Total: 62

C. Bills which did not receive the Royal Assent


Title of Bill and No. at each Printing

European Parliamentary Elections [65][130][246] [255] [260][262]




Title of Bill and No. at each Printing — Stage at which progress ended
Breeding and Sale of Dogs [17][160]  as amended in the Standing Committee, to be considered, dropped
Chamber of Commerce (Protection of Title)
(changed to Company and Business Names (Chamber of
Commerce, Etc.)) [19][202]  as amended in the Standing Committee, to be considered, dropped
Energy Conservation (Housing) [24][161]  Third Reading, dropped
Energy Efficiency [12][162]  as amended in the Standing Committee to be considered, dropped
Fireworks [25][142]  Lords Amendments to be further considered, dropped
Licensing (Amendment) [170]  Not amended in the Standing Committee, dropped
Local Authority Tenders [21]  Third Reading, dropped
Weights and Measures (Beer and Cider)[26]  Not amended in the Standing Committee, to be considered, dropped
Wild Mammals (Hunting with Dogs)[7][131]  withdrawn

Total: 9


Title of Bill and No. at each Printing — Stage at which progress ended
Access to the Countryside [54]  withdrawn
Acquisition and Possession of Air Weapons[112]  dropped
British Nationality (St. Helena) [Lords][89]  dropped
Building Societies (Joint Account Holders)[182]  dropped
Children's Nurseries (Safety) [177]  dropped
Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons (Amendment)[Lords]  dropped
Cold Weather Payments (Wind Chill Factor)[14]  adjourned debate on Second Reading, dropped
Companies (Millennium Computer Compliance)[58]  dropped
Co-ordinated Universal Time [Lords][47]  Order for Second Reading discharged
Door Supervisors (Registration) [114]  dropped
Drinks Containers (Redemption)[195]  dropped
Elections (Visually Impaired Voters) [50]  dropped
Electricity Generation [Lords][197]  dropped
Electro-convulsive Therapy (Restrictions on Use)[94]  dropped
Employment (Age Discrimination in Advertisements)[15]  adjourned debate on Second Reading, dropped
Employment of Children [13]  withdrawn
Energy Efficiency (Information)[105]  dropped
Farming of Animals for Fur (Prohibition) [147]  dropped
Financial Services (Ethical, &c. Considerations) [264]  Prorogation
Flood Warnings (Vulnerable Properties) [237]  dropped
Football Sponsorship Levy ][171]  dropped
Freedom of Information [265]  dropped
Geneva Conventions (Amendment) [Lords]  dropped
Hairdressers Registration (Amendment)  dropped
Hare Coursing [70]  dropped
Home Zones [113]  dropped
Housing Service Charge (Amendment)(No. 2) [146]  dropped
Labelling of Products [109]  dropped
Lead in Paint (Health and Safety)[85]  dropped
Legal Reform [169]  Order for Second Reading lapsed
Local Exchange Trading Schemes [159]  dropped
Local Government Boundary Changes (Referendum)[107]  dropped
Local Government (Experimental Arrangements)[Lords][125]  dropped
Mental Health (Amendment) [8]  adjourned debate on Second Reading, dropped
Mental Health (Amendment) (No. 2) [Lords][175]  dropped
Millennium Conformity [165]  dropped
Motor Accident Injury Compensation [121]  dropped
National Health Service (Equity of Funding)[84]  dropped
Parliamentary Declaration [106]  dropped
Parliamentary Reform [226]  dropped
Participants in Sporting Events (Assaults, etc) [232]  dropped
Pensions (Amendment)[Lords][243]  dropped
Police [28]  adjourned debate on Second Reading, dropped
Prevention of Delay in Trials [69]  dropped
Prohibition of Bull Bars [73]  dropped
Public House Names [32]  dropped
Public Records (Amendment)[27]  adjourned debate on Second Reading, dropped
Recycled Content of Newsprint [138]  dropped
Referendum (English Parliament)[9]  adjourned debate on Second Reading, dropped
Reform of Quarantine Regulations [87]  dropped
Registration of Nannies [258]  dropped
Religious Discrimination and Remedies [133]  dropped
Representation of Dependencies at Westminster [34]  dropped
Representation of Gibraltar at Westminster and in the European Union [33]  dropped
Representation of the People (Amendment) [81]  dropped
Restoration of Damage to Sites of Special Scientific Interest [201]  dropped
School Absenteeism [35]  dropped
School Children's Clothing and Footwear (Value Added Tax)[103]  dropped
School Transport [189]  dropped
Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) (Amendment)[Lords][214]  Order for Second Reading lapsed
Sexual Orientation Discrimination [Lords][248]  dropped
Television Licence Payments (Age Exemption)[45]  dropped
Voluntary Personal Security Cards [126]  dropped
Warm Homes and Energy Conservation (Fifteen Year Programme)[108]  dropped
War Widows and Pensioners (Equal Treatment)[77]  dropped
Water Charges (Amendment)[53]  dropped
Water Industry (Amendment)[124]  dropped
Welfare of Broiler Chickens [136]  dropped
Welfare of Pigs [91]  dropped
Widening of the M25 Motorway [48]  dropped
Wildlife [252]  Prorogation

Total: 71


Title of Bill — Stage at which progress ended
Adoption and Fostering  withdrawn
Adoption (League Tables)  dropped
British Museum (Lindisfarne Gospels)  Order lapsed
Building Regulations (Energy Rating Information)(Amendment)[Lords]  not taken up
Business Improvement Districts [Lords]  not taken up
Cities (Process and Criteria for Designation)  Order lapsed
Community Reinvestment Disclosure  dropped
Companies (Political Funds)  Order lapsed
Concessionary Television Licence (Amendment)  Order lapsed
Concessionary Travel Schemes (Scotland)  Order lapsed
Conduct of Referendums  Order lapsed
Countryside Protection (Landfill and Opencast Mining)  dropped
Crown Estate (Amendment)  Order lapsed
Deregulation of Racecourses  Order lapsed
Disabled Persons and Carers (Short-term Breaks)  Order lapsed
Disability Discrimination (Provision of Voting Facilities)  Order lapsed
Disability Rights Commission  withdrawn
Disposal and Re-use of White Goods  Order lapsed
Education (Schools Parenting Role)  dropped
Electricity (Maintenance of Supplies)  Order lapsed
Empty Homes (Value Added Tax)  dropped
Film Classification (Accountability and Openness)  Order lapsed
Housing Service Charge (Amendment)  Order lapsed
Housing (Home Repossessions)  dropped
International Bribery and Corruption  Order lapsed
Internet (Dissemination of Child Pornography)  withdrawn
Legal Aid (Reform)  Order lapsed
Local Government (Consultation with Young People)  Order lapsed
Mobile Telephones (Prohibition of Use in Designated Places)  Order lapsed
National Transport Safety  Order lapsed
North American Free Trade Area (Parliamentary Commission)  Prorogation
Organ Donation  dropped
Parliamentary Boundary Commissions (Amendment)  Order lapsed
Parliamentary Currency Commission  Order lapsed
Pet Ownership (Residential and Sheltered Accommodation)  dropped
Ports of Entry (Special Status)  withdrawn
Ports of Entry (Special Status)(No. 2)  Order lapsed
Press Complaints Commission  Order lapsed
Preventative Health Care and Home Insulation  Order lapsed
Prostitutes' Advertisements (Public Telephone Boxes)  dropped
Protection of Animals (Amendment)  Order lapsed
Registration of Dogs  Order lapsed
Regulation of Wet Bikes  Order lapsed
Religious Discrimination  withdrawn
Remission of Third World Debt  dropped
Residential Care Homes and Nursing Homes (Medical Records)  Order lapsed
Road Traffic Reduction (National Targets)(Amendment)  dropped
Rural and Community Hospitals  Order lapsed
Sale of Alcohol to Young Persons (Prohibition)  Order lapsed
School Buses (Safety)  Order lapsed
Schools and Colleges (Funding Formula)  dropped
Stakeholder Pension  dropped
Temporary Classrooms  dropped
Town and Country Planning (Amendment)  Order lapsed
United Kingdom Passports  dropped
Unsolicited Facsimile Messages  dropped
War Memorials (Preservation)  Order lapsed
Waste Prevention  Order lapsed
Youth Parliament  Order lapsed

Total: 59

D: House's consideration of the several stages of Public Bills

Key: * denotes a Government Bill
A denotes a Bill brought in under Standing Order No. 23(1) ('ten minute rule bills')
B denotes a Bill brought in under Standing Order No. 14(6) ('ballot bills')
C denotes a Private Members' Bill introduced under Standing Order No. 57
D denotes a Private Members' Bill originating in the House of Lords

This table lists those bills which were printed. For bills not printed, see table 5.C.4. above.

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Prepared 29 January 1999