Sessional Returns Session 1997-98 - Contents

E. Consideration of Bills in Committee of the whole House

Title of Bill
Dates on which considered
Referendums (Scotland and Wales)
3rd and 4th June 1997
Education (Schools)
5th and 10th June 1997
Firearms (Amendment)
16th and 18th June 1997
Plant Varieties
24th June 1997
National Health Service (Private
Finance) [Lords]
14th July 1997
Finance (Clauses Nos. 1,15,17 and 19)
15th and 16th July 1997
Law Officers [Lords]
24th July 1997
Ministerial and other Salaries
23rd July 1997
Supreme Court (Offices)
6th November 1997
Greater London Authority (Referendum)
19th and 24th November 1997
European Communities (Amendment)
27th November, 2nd and 3rd December 1997, 15th and 19th January
Government of Wales
20th, 21st and 26th January, 2nd
3rd and 25th February and 2nd March
28th and 29th January, 10th, 12th and
23rd February, 2nd, 30th and 31st March
Employment Rights (Dispute Resolution)[Lords]
30th January
Community Care (Residential Accommodation)
30th January
European Parliamentary Elections
 24th and 26th February, 5th March
Criminal Procedure (Intermediate Diets)(Scotland)
2nd April
Northern Ireland (Elections)
22nd April
Registered Establishments (Scotland)
24th April
Finance (No. 2)(Clauses Noes 1, 7, 10, 25, 27, 30, 75, 1A and 147)
27th, 28th and 29th April
Tax Credits (Initial Expenditure)
14th May
Human Rights [Lords]
20th May, 3rd and 17th June
Northern Ireland (Sentences)
15th and 17th June
Criminal Justice (International
3rd July
10th July
Northern Ireland
22nd, 23rd, 24th and 27th July
Criminal Justice (Terrorism and Conspiracy)
2nd September

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Prepared 29 January 1999