Sessional Returns Session 1997-98 - Contents

14. European Scrutiny


 Standing Order No. 143 (Select Committee on European Legislation) appointing that Committee, was repealed on 17 November 1998 and replaced by Standing Order No. 143 (European Scrutiny Committee) on the same date.

The Committee was nominated on 17 November 1998.

It had 16 Members and held 1 meeting.

MembersMeetings attended

Hood, Mr Jimmy (Chairman)1
Bradshaw, Mr Ben1
Breed, Mr Colin0
Brown, Mr Russell1
Casale, Mr Roger0
Cash, Mr William0
Davies, Mr Quentin0
Dobbin, Mr Jim1
Ewing, Mrs Margaret1
Gilroy, Mrs Linda1
Jones, Ms Jennifer0
McKenna, Mrs Rosemary1
Marshall, Mr Jim0
Rammell, Mr Bill1
Steen, Mr Anthony1
Woodward, Mr Shaun0

Overall attendance:   62.5 %

Number of Members added:  0

Number of Members discharged:  0

Turnover of membership during the Session:   0 %


Committee Clerk: Mrs E J Flood.

Other Committee staff: Mrs S Craig, Senior Clerk, Grade 7; Mr J Vaux, Speaker's Counsel and Legal Adviser, Grade 3; Miss J S Eldred, Senior Clerk, Grade 7; Mr D Griffiths, Senior Clerk, Grade 7; Mrs R Melling, Senior Clerk, Grade 7; Mr C Wilson, Senior Clerk, Grade 7; Mrs N Mulloy, Higher Executive Officer, Grade 10; Mr R Wostear, Senior Office Clerk, Grade 13; Mrs K Bishop, Secretary, Grade 13; Miss S Ramsay, Secretary, Grade 13 and Miss L Vanner, Secretary, Grade 13.

Specialist Advisers during the Session



Oral evidence was given during the Session by the following categories of witnesses:

Number of appearances by officials from, or representatives of departments: —

comprising: — Foreign and Commonwealth Office  2

Overseas Visits











To attend Nineteenth Conference of European Affairs Committees (COSAC)


Visits to European Institutions in Brussels and Strasbourg: None

UK Visits: None

Reports and Minutes of Evidence  


HC No.


Date of


No. of


Sale price



First Report





Not applicable

Government replies to Reports for Session 1996-97


Divisions: None




Oral evidence was taken at the Committee's only meeting this Session. The Committee received no memoranda.

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