Sessional Returns Session 1997-98 - Contents

16A. Foreign Affairs: Entry Clearance Sub-Committee


The Sub-committee was appointed on 25 November 1997 with 4 Members. A further 4 Members were added on 29 January 1998.

It held 5 meetings.

MembersMeetings attended

Illsley, Mr Eric (Chairman)5
Abbott, Ms Diane5
Anderson, Mr Donald 4
Bottomley, Mrs Virginia (added 29.1.98)0
Emery, Sir Peter (added 29.1.98)0
Heath, Mr David (added 29.1.98)1
Stanley, Sir John (added 29.1.98)0
Wilshire, Mr David3

Overall attendance:   45.0 %

Number of Members added:  4

Number of Members discharged:  0

Turnover of membership during the Session:   0 %


Sub-Committee Clerk: Dr C R M Ward (until 1.11.98) Mr E P Silk (from 1.11.98)

Other Committee staff: Mr M P Atkins, Assistant Clerk (Grade 7); Ms R J Challis, Senior Executive Officer (Grade 8) (until 22.6.98); Mrs C J Oxborough Senior Executive Officer (Grade 8) (from 22.6.98); Ms A M Allen, Secretary (Grade 12) (until 12.1.98); Mrs S Bertasius, Secretary (Grade 12) (from 12.1.98) and Miss A Ferreira, Senior Office Clerk (Grade 13).

Specialist Advisers during the Session



Oral evidence was given during the Session by the following categories of witnesses:

Number of appearances by:-

Other Ministers:  1 (of whom 1 was a Member of the House of Lords)

Members of the House  3

Number of appearances by officials from, or representatives of:-

Foreign and Commonwealth Office:  2

executive agencies:  1

comprising:- British Council  1

Appearances by other witnesses:  4

Overseas Visits








New Delhi and Islamabad



Entry Clearance Sub-Committee


UK Visits


Reports and Minutes of Evidence  

See Fourth Report from the Foreign Affairs Committee.






Oral evidence was taken at 3 of the Sub-committee's 5 meetings. On 1 of these occasions evidence was taken partly or wholly in private. The Sub-committee received 41 memoranda, of which 2 came from Government departments and 2 from executive agencies. The Committee published 30 memoranda received by the Sub-committee.


No. of oral evidence sessions

No. of memoranda received

No. of memoranda received from Government departments/

executive agencies/

associated public bodies

No. of memoranda published

No. of memoranda made available in the Record Office for public use and placed in the Library

Entry Clearance Operations with particular reference to New Delhi and Islamabad






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Prepared 29 January 1999