Sessional Returns Session 1997-98 - Contents

19. Information


The Committee was nominated on 28 July 1997.

It had 9 Members and held 18 meetings.

MembersMeetings attended

Allan, Mr Richard (Chairman from 11.05.98)11
Bruce, Mr Ian12
Connarty, Mr Michael10
Gerrard, Mr Neil14
Jones, Mr Jon Owen (Chairman until 11.05.98)10
Miller, Mr Andrew10
Osborne, Mrs Sandra5
Sawford, Mr Phil10
Whittingdale, Mr John12

Overall attendance:   58%

Turnover of membership during the Session:   nil


Committee Clerk: Mr P G Moon.

Other Committee staff: Miss J L Crowder, Secretary (Grade 13).

Specialist Advisers during the Session

Professor R J Hynds.


Oral evidence was given during the Session by 2 Officials of the House.

Overseas Visits


Visits to European Institutions in Brussels and Strasbourg


UK Visits: None.

Reports and Minutes of Evidence: None.

Divisions: None.

Debates: None.


Oral evidence was taken at 1 of the Committee's 18 meetings. The Committee received 80 memoranda, of which 1 came from a Government department. The Committee published no memoranda.

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