Sessional Returns Session 1997-98 - Contents

21. Liaison

The Committee was nominated on 25 July 1997

It had 33 Members and held 8 meetings.

MembersMeetings attended

Sheldon, Mr Robert (Chairman)8
Allan, Mr Richard (added, 29.4.98)1
Anderson, Mr Donald7
Bennett, Mr Andrew4
Brooke, Mr Peter (added, 30.10.97)5
Chapman, Sir Sydney (added, 30.10.97)5
Clark, Dr Michael (added, 30.10.97)2
Clarke, Mr Eric (added, 3.11.98)1
Davis, Mr David (added, 30.10.97)5
Dunwoody, Mrs Gwyneth3
Foster, Mr Derek1
George, Mr Bruce3
Hinchliffe, Mr David2
Hodge, Mrs Margaret (discharged, 16.11.98)4
Hood, Mr Jimmy1
Horam, Mr John (added, 2.12.97)1
Jones, Mr Martyn7
Kaufman, Mr Gerald3
Kirkwood, Mr Archy6
Luff, Mr Peter5
McWilliam, Mr John4
Marshall, Mr David6
Moonie, Dr Lewis (added, 2.12.97)1
Morgan, Mr Rhodri6
Mullin, Mr Chris7
O'Neill, Mr Martin4
Pike, Mr Peter (added, 2.12.97)4
Radice, Mr Giles4
Roe, Mrs Marion (added, 30.10.97)5
Tredinnick, Mr David6
Turner, Mr Dennis (added, 30.10.97)4
Wells, Mr Bowen4
Wicks, Mr Malcolm (added, 16.11.98)0
Winterton, Mr Nicholas (added, 30.10.97)6

Overall attendance:  51.1%

Number of Members added:  13

Number of Members discharged:  1

Turnover of membership during the Session:   3%


Committee Clerk: Mr C B Winnifrith

Other Committee staff: Miss A T Power, Secretary, Grade 11

Specialist Advisers during the Session




Overseas Visits

 Not applicable

Reports and Minutes of Evidence

Recommendations under S.O No. 131(2) regarding allocation of time for consideration of Estimates were reported to the House on 25 June 1998 and 16 November 1998 and under S.O. No.10(4) subjects for Wednesday morning debates on Select Committee Reports were reported to the House on 22 January, 26 February and 4 June 1998.




No evidence was taken at any of the Committee meetings.

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