Sessional Returns Session 1997-98 - Contents

30. Selection

The Committee had 9 Members.

It held 50 meetings.

Names of Members and the number of meetings each Member attended:

MembersMeetings attended

McWilliam, Mr John (Chairman)40
Ainsworth, Mr Peter (added 24/6/97, discharged 8/6/98)28
Atkins, Charlotte36
Bradley, Mr Keith (added 27/7/98)5
Betts, Mr Clive 47
Cran, Mr James (added 8/6/98)10
Davidson, Mr Ian27
Kemp, Mr Fraser 33
McLoughlin, Mr Patrick33
MacKay, MrAndrew (discharged 24/6/97)2
Mudie, Mr George (discharged 27/7/98)36
Tyler, Mr Paul44

Overall attendance  75.8 %

Number of Members added  3

Number of Members discharged  3

Turnover of Membership during the Session  33.3 %


Committee Clerk: Mr G R Devine (until 2.11.98) Ms E S Payne (from 2.11.98)

Other Committee Staff: Mr R J Bartram, Chief Office Clerk (Grade 12)

Specialist Advisers: Not applicable.

Witnesses: None.

Overseas Visits:  Not applicable.

UK visits: Not applicable.

Reports and Minutes of Evidence:   None.

Divisions: None.

Debates: None.

Evidence: No evidence was taken.

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Prepared 29 January 1999