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Summary Agenda Monday 20th November 2000

Here you can browse the House of Commons Summary Agenda for Monday 20th November 2000.

2.30 p.m. Prayers.
AfterwardsOral Questions to the Secretary of State for the Home Department.
3.30 p.m. Private Notice Questions, Ministerial Statements (if any).
AfterwardsModernisation of the House of Commons (Motion) (may continue until 10.00 p.m.).
Thursday Sittings and Meetings of Standing Committees (Motion) (may continue until 10.00 p.m.).
Sittings in Westminster Hall (Motion) (may continue until 10.00 p.m.).
Immigration Appeals (Motion to revoke) (may continue until 11.30 p.m. if the 10.00 p.m. Business Motion is agreed to).
Statutory Instruments (Motions for approval) (without debate).
Business of the House (Motion) (may continue until 10.00 p.m.).
European Scrutiny Committee (Motion) (may continue until 10.00 p.m.).
Northern Ireland Grand Committee (Motion) (may continue until 10.00 p.m.).
At the end of the sittingAdjournment Debate: Cost of fuel and the viability of the fishing industry (Mr Austin Mitchell) (until 10.30 p.m. or for half an hour, whichever is later).

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