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Interpretation: financial year.     23. In this Act "financial year" means the 12 months ending with 31st March.
Amendments and repeals.     24. - (1) Schedule 1 (minor and consequential amendments) shall have effect.
      (2) The enactments mentioned in Schedule 2 (which include enactments that are no longer of practical utility) are hereby repealed.
Commencement.     25. - (1) The preceding provisions of this Act, except for sections 15 to 17, shall come into force in accordance with provision made by the Treasury by order.
      (2) An order under subsection (1)-
    (a) shall be made by statutory instrument,
    (b) may make transitional provision (including provision for the adaptation of references pending the coming into force of other legislation), and
    (c) may make different provision for different purposes.
      (3) The Treasury may by order made by statutory instrument provide for section 10(5) to apply in relation to a body as if it were designated in respect of a financial year under section 10(3).
Short title.     26. This Act may be cited as the Government Resources and Accounts Act 2000.
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Prepared 19 November 1999