Wild Animals (Hunting with Dogs) Bill - continued        House of Commons

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Game Act 1831 (c. 32)
     1. In section 35 of the Game Act 1831 (provisions as to trespassers not to apply to persons hunting, &c.) omit the words "to any person hunting or coursing upon any lands with hounds or greyhounds, and being in fresh pursuit of any deer, hare, or fox already started upon any other land, nor".
Game Licences Act 1860 (c. 90)
     2. In section 5 of the Game Licences Act 1860 (exceptions and exemptions) omit exceptions 3 and 4.
Protection of Badgers Act 1992 (c. 51)
     3. In section 8 of the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 (interfering with badger setts: exceptions) omit subsections (4) to (9).
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Prepared 6 April 2000