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Sex Discrimination (Amendment) Bill
  The purpose of the Bill is to amend the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 ("the Act") so as to render unlawful discrimination by private member clubs with more than 25 members. The Bill seeks to bring the Sex Discrimination Act broadly into line with the race relations legislation.
  Clause 1 of the Bill introduces new sections 29A, 29B and 29C to the Act. Section 29A makes it unlawful for a private member club to discriminate against a woman (or man) in the terms on which it offers her membership or by refusing to admit her at all. It also provides that facilities offered to male members must be offered on equal terms to female members.
  The new section 29B makes provision so as to permit essentially single-sex clubs to continue to remain so; for example, the Bill does not require all-male clubs to admit women. Whether or not a club is essentially all-male is to be decided on the basis of all the circumstances of the case; occasional attendances by women at an all-male club would not cause the club to lose its status as an all-male club.
  The new section 29C allows clubs to continue to offer sporting events and competitions on a single sex basis but provides that where there is sufficient demand from female members for an equivalent competition, then one must be provided for women.
  The new section 29C provides that where prize money of less than £1,000 is offered for such an event, equal prize money must be offered for the female competition. Where any prize exceeds £1,000 there is no requirement for equal prize money.
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