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  GAS ACT 1986
     4. The Gas Act 1986 is amended as follows.
     5. - (1) In section 7B (general provisions about licences), subsection (4)(d) (which provides for conditions in licences requiring the furnishing of information and is superseded by other provisions of this Act about information) shall cease to have effect.
      (2) The repeal by sub-paragraph (4)(d) of section 7B is without prejudice to the generality of the power conferred by subsection (4)(a) of that section.
     6. In section 28 (orders for securing compliance with certain provisions), in the definition of "relevant requirement" in subsection (8)-
    (a) after "33B," there is inserted "33BA,";
    (b) for "or 33E below or" there is substituted ", 33E, 33F, 41A or 41B"; and
    (c) after "Act" there is inserted "or section 22 of the Utilities Act 2000".
     7. In section 33A (standards of performance in individual cases), for subsection (2) there is substituted-
    "(2) Regulations under this section may only be made with the consent of the Secretary of State."
     8. In section 64(2) (orders) after "section" there is inserted "41A".
     9. In section 66(1) (interpretation)-
    (a) after the definition of "the appointed day" there is inserted-
    ""the Authority" means the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority;"; and
    (b) after the definition of "the Corporation" there is inserted-
    ""the Council" means the Gas and Electricity Consumer Council;".
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Prepared 21 January 2000