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Norman Baker
Mr Andrew Stunell


Clause     58,     page     59,     line     22,     at end insert—

    '(1A) In specifying those targets, the Secretary of State shall have regard to any national greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, including in particular that of a reduction of 20 per cent. in carbon dioxide emissions by 2010 compared to 1990 levels'.


Mr Brian White


Clause     58,     page     61,     line     12,     after 'heat', insert 'or chilled water.'.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Clause     83,     page     90,     line     35,     at end insert—

      ' "electricity licence" means a licence under section 6 of the 1989 Act;

      "gas licence" means a licence under section 7 or 7A of the 1986 Act;'.


Mr Chris Mullin


Schedule     3,     page     156,     line     45,     leave out from beginning of line to 'and' in line 46.


Mr Chris Mullin


Schedule     3,     page     157,     line     1,     leave out 'or 106(1)'.


Mr Chris Mullin


Schedule     3,     page     157,     line     40,     leave out 'or the Consumer Council for Water'.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Clause     124,     page     141,     line     13,     leave out from first 'of' to second 'and' in line 17 and insert—

      '(a) section 6D or 24 of the Gas Act 1986; or

      (b) section 5C or 12 of the Electricity Act 1989.'


Mr Chris Mullin


Clause     124,     page     141,     line     16     at end insert 'or'.


Mr Chris Mullin


Clause     124,     page     141,     line     17,     leave out from '1989' to end of line 18.


Mr Chris Mullin


Clause     124,     page     141,     line     20,     leave out from 'modifications' to 'to' in line 22.


Mr Chris Mullin


Clause     124,     page     141,     line     28,     leave out from 'for' to end of line 30 and insert 'sub-paragraph (ii) there is substituted—

                "(ii) section 124 of the Utilities Act 2000; or".'.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Clause     124,     page     141,     leave out line 33.


Mr Chris Mullin


Clause     124,     page     141,     leave out line 35.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Clause     124,     page     141,     line     43,     leave out 'section 13 of the Telecommunications Act 1984'.


Mr Chris Mullin


Clause     124,     page     142,     line     1,     leave out from '1989' to end of line 2.


Mr Chris Mullin


Clause     130,     page     151,     line     2,     leave out '125 to 129' and insert '127 and 128'.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Schedule     5,     page     161,     leave out lines 31 to 33.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Schedule     5,     page     162,     line     18,     at end insert—

    '. In section 48(1) (interpretation of Part I)—

      (a) before the definition of "gas" there is inserted—

            "exemption" means an exemption under section 6A;"; and

      (b) for the definition of "licence" there is substituted—

            "licence" means a licence under section 7 or 7A and "licence holder" shall be construed accordingly;".'


Mrs Helen Liddell


*Schedule     5,     page     162,     line     18,     at end insert—

    '. In section 42 (restrictions on disclosure), in subsection (4)(a) for "33C" there is substituted " 33, 33DA".'.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Schedule     5,     page     162,     line     31,     leave out from '(8)' to end of line 35 and insert ', for the words "or section 40(3), 41(3), 42A or 42B below" there is substituted ", or sections 32 to 32C, section 40, 40A, 41A, 42A, 42B, 42C, 43A or 43B below or section 22 of the Utilities Act 2000".'.


Mrs Helen Liddell


*Schedule     5,     page     162,     line     40,     at end insert—

    '. In section 57 (restrictions on disclosure), in subsection (5)(a) for "42" there is substituted "42AA, 46A".'.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Schedule     5,     page     162,     line     43,     leave out '66(1)' and insert '111(1)'.


Mr Chris Mullin


Schedule     5,     page     163,     leave out lines 4 to 12.


Mr Chris Mullin


Schedule     5,     page     163,     leave out lines 15 to 19.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Schedule     5,     page     163,     leave out lines 26 and 27.


Mr Chris Mullin


Schedule     5,     page     163,     leave out lines 28 and 29.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Schedule     5,     page     163,     leave out line 34.


Mr Chris Mullin


Schedule     5,     page     163,     leave out lines 35 and 36.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Schedule     5,     page     164,     leave out lines 7 and 8.


Mr Chris Mullin


Schedule     5,     page     164,     leave out lines 9 and 10.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Schedule     5,     page     164,     leave out lines 12 to 16.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Schedule     6,     page     166,     line     21     at end insert 'or'.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Schedule     6,     page     166,     line     22,     leave out from 'Council' to end of line 24.


Mr Chris Mullin


Schedule     6,     page     166,     leave out lines 28 to 33.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Schedule     6,     page     166,     line     33,     at end insert—

'Consultation by Consumer Councils before establishing regional committees

    .—(1) The requirements in paragraph 11(2) to (4) of Schedule 2 to this Act do not apply to any regional committee of the Gas and Electricity Consumer Council which is established within the period of two months beginning with the day on which section 16(2) of this Act comes into force.

    (2) The requirements in paragraph 11(2) to (4) of Schedule 1B to the Telecommunications Act 1984 (as inserted by section 85(2) of this Act) do not apply to any regional committee of the Telecommunications Consumer Council which is established within the period of two months beginning with the day on which subsection (2) of section 46C of that Act (as inserted by section 92 of this Act) comes into force.'


Mrs Helen Liddell


Schedule     7,     page     167,     column     3,     leave out lines 26 to 31.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Schedule     7,     page     168,     line     10,     column     3,     at end insert 'Sections 32 and 32A.'.


Mrs Helen Liddell


*Schedule     7,     page     168,     line     25,     column     3,     at end insert 'In section 42(4)(a) the words "other than section 33(3) above".'.


Mrs Helen Liddell


*Schedule     7,     page     169,     line     13,     column     3,     at end insert 'Section 45.'.


Mr Chris Mullin


Schedule     7,     page     169,     leave out lines 21 to 30.


Mr Chris Mullin


Schedule     7,     page     169,     line     43,     column     3,     leave out from beginning of line to end of line 47.


Mrs Helen Liddell


Schedule     7,     page     169,     line     49,     column     3,     leave out '2(4)'.


Mr Chris Mullin


Schedule     7,     page     169,     line     49,     column     3,     leave out '4(3) and 5(4)' and insert 'and 4(3)'.




Mrs Helen Liddell


To move the following Clause:—

    '.—(1) In this Chapter—

      "consumers" includes both existing consumers and future consumers;

      "the interests of consumers" means the interests of consumers in relation to gas conveyed through pipes or electricity conveyed through distribution systems; and

      "consumer matter" means any matter connected with the interests of consumers.

    (2) In considering the interests of consumers the Council shall have regard to the interests of—

      (a) individuals who are disabled or chronically sick;

      (b) individuals of pensionable age;

      (c) individuals with low incomes; and

      (d) individuals residing in rural areas,

    but that is not to be taken as implying that regard may not be had to the interests of other descriptions of consumer.'.

Combined heat and power


Mr Brian White


To move the following Clause:—

    '. In making an order and other arrangements under sections 50, 51, 52, 53 or 54 above the Secretary of State may also make provision for—

      (a) electricity generated by combined heat and power stations

      (b) heat or chilled water produced in association with electricity.'.

Licence conditions


Mr Nick Gibb
Mrs Eleanor Laing
Mr Ian Bruce [R]
Mr Christopher Chope
Mr Christopher Fraser


To move the following Clause:—

'Licence conditions.( ) In section 7 of the 1984 Act (power to license systems), after subsection (5) there is inserted—

    "(5A) Conditions included in a licence may include provisions for the conditions—

      (a) to have effect or cease to have effect at such times and in such circumstances as may be determined by or under the conditions; or

      (b) be modified in such manner as may be specified in the conditions at such times and in such circumstances as may be so determined.".'

Consolidation of Acts


Mr Ian Bruce [R]


To move the following Clause:—

    '—The Acts listed in Schedule 7 that have been substantially amended by this and earlier Acts shall be reprinted in consolidated form and the earlier Acts be repealed.'.


Mr Chris Mullin


Title,     line     3,     leave out from 'Authority' to 'to' in line 5 and insert ' and the Telecommunications Consumer Council'.


Mr Chris Mullin


Title,     line     6,     leave out 'electricity and water' and insert 'and electricity'.

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