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National Assembly for Wales
Finance.     15. For section 81(3) of the Government of Wales Act 1998 (estimate of payments by Secretary of State) there shall be substituted-
    "(3) The statement shall also show the total amount of the use of resources which the Secretary of State for Wales proposes for that financial year, apart from expenditure on payments to the Assembly."
Public-private partnerships
Expenditure and assistance.     16. - (1) The Treasury-
    (a) may incur expenditure in respect of the establishment of a body for the purpose of carrying on public-private partnership business, and
    (b) may provide financial assistance to the body in connection with the commencement of its operations.
      (2) Financial assistance may not be provided under subsection (1)(b) to more than one body.
      (3) Where a body has received financial assistance under subsection (1)(b), the Treasury may from time to time provide financial assistance to the body in connection with its carrying on public-private partnership business.
      (4) Financial assistance under subsection (1)(b) or (3) may be provided on terms and conditions and may, in particular, take any of the following forms-
    (a) grants and loans;
    (b) guarantees in respect of the discharge of financial obligations;
    (c) investment, including the acquisition of assets, securities and rights.
Section 16: interpretation.     17. - (1) In section 16 "public-private partnership business" means participation in public-private partnerships whether as an investor, a consultant or otherwise.
      (2) In particular, "public-private partnership business" includes the provision of advisory or financial services in connection with specific public-private partnerships or public-private partnerships generally-
    (a) whether the services are provided to public bodies or to private persons, and
    (b) whether or not the services are provided on terms and conditions about payment, consideration or other matters.
      (3) In this section "public-private partnerships" means projects and undertakings the resources for which are provided partly by public bodies and partly by private persons.
      (4) In subsection (3) "resources" includes funds, assets, professional skills and any other kind of commercial resource.
      (5) In this section "public body" means a government department or a body exercising public functions.
      (6) In this section-
    (a) "projects and undertakings" includes projects and undertakings carried on wholly or partly outside the United Kingdom, and
    (b) a reference to public money or public functions is not (except in section 16(3)(b)) confined to public money or public functions of the United Kingdom.
      (7) In section 16 a reference to a body includes a reference to-
    (a) a group of bodies,
    (b) a partnership or enterprise carried on by one or more persons or bodies, and
    (c) a body (including a body within the meaning of paragraph (a) or (b)) which is substantially the same as, or which is a successor to, another body.
Financial assistance: supplementary.     18. - (1) Expenditure by the Treasury for the purposes of section 16 shall, subject to subsection (2), be paid out of money provided by Parliament.
      (2) Sums required for fulfilling guarantees given under section 16 shall be charged on and issued out of the Consolidated Fund.
      (3) Sums received by the Treasury in connection with anything done under section 16 shall be paid into the Consolidated Fund.
Value Added Tax
Supplies by Government Departments.     19. - (1) This section applies where a government department makes supplies of goods or services which are taxable supplies for the purposes of the Value Added Tax Act 1994 .
      (2) The Treasury may make arrangements-
    (a) about the treatment of receipts and payments in respect of value added tax in accounts under section 5 or 7;
    (b) for the exemption of receipts in respect of value added tax, to such extent and on such conditions as may be specified, from any requirement for payment into the Consolidated Fund.
      (3) For the purposes of this section "government department" has the same meaning as it has for the purposes of section 41 of the Value Added Tax Act 1994 (application to the Crown).
      (4) Section 21 of the Finance Act 1999 (accounting for VAT by departments) shall cease to have effect.
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Prepared 24 January 2000