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Recovery of penalties.     28. Where a penalty imposed under section 21, or any portion of such a penalty, has not been paid by the date on which it is required to be paid and-
    (a) no application relating to the penalty has been made under section 27 during the period within which such an application may be made, or
    (b) any such application which has been made has been determined, withdrawn or otherwise dealt with,
  the Commission may recover from the licence holder, as a civil debt due to it, any of the penalty and any interest which has not been paid.
Register.     29. - (1) The Commission shall compile and maintain a register for the purposes of this Part.
      (2) The register shall be kept at such premises and in such form as the Commission considers appropriate.
      (3) The Commission shall cause the following matters to be entered in the register-
    (a) the provisions of every licence,
    (b) every variation, revocation or surrender of a licence,
    (c) the provisions of every direction or determination made or consent or approval given under a licence,
    (d) the terms of every final or provisional order made or confirmed and every revocation of such an order,
    (e) every penalty imposed under section 21 and every notice under section 23(3).
      (4) The duty in subsection (3) does not extend to anything of which the Commission is unaware.
      (5) So far as practicable the Commission shall secure the exclusion from the register of any matter relating to the affairs of a person if the Commission considers that its inclusion would or might seriously and prejudicially affect the person's interests.
      (6) Subsection (5) does not apply if-
    (a) the person concerned consents to the matter being entered in the register, or
    (b) the Commission considers that entering the matter in the register would be in the public interest.
      (7) If the Secretary of State considers that entry of anything in the register would be against the public interest or any person's commercial interests, he may direct the Commission not to enter it.
      (8) The Commission shall secure that the contents of the register are available for inspection by the public-
    (a) during such hours as may be specified in an order made by the Secretary of State, and
    (b) subject to such reasonable fees (if any) as the Commission may determine.
      (9) If requested by any person to do so and subject to such reasonable fees (if any) as the Commission may determine, the Commission shall supply the person concerned with a copy (certified to be true) of the register or of an extract from it.
Free services for the blind and partially sighted.     30. - (1) The Secretary of State may direct the Commission to impose, as a condition of a relevant licence, a requirement that the licence holder provide such free postal services as may be specified in the direction to such descriptions of blind or partially sighted persons as may be so specified.
      (2) The requirement shall not come into force unless-
    (a) the Secretary of State directs the Commission to bring it into force, and
    (b) the Commission gives notice of the direction to the licence holder.
      (3) The Secretary of State shall consult the Commission before giving any direction under this section.
      (4) In this section "relevant licence" means a licence to be granted which is to require the person holding it to provide a universal postal service or part of such a service.
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Prepared 28 January 2000