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Modifications of local enactments etc.     102. - (1) The Secretary of State may by order make such modifications in any local enactment, or in any instrument or other document, as appear to him necessary or expedient in consequence of this Act.
      (2) In this section "local enactment" means-
    (a) a local or private Act,
    (b) a public general Act relating to London,
    (c) an order confirmed by Parliament or brought into operation in accordance with special parliamentary procedure, or
    (d) an enactment in a public general Act amending anything falling within paragraphs (a) to (c).
Transitional provisions etc.     103. The Secretary of State may by order make such provision as he considers necessary or expedient for transitory, transitional or saving purposes in connection with the coming into force of any provision of this Act.
Commencement.     104. Parts I to VI, sections 85 to 93 (including Schedule 6) and section 101(2) and (3) (including Schedules 7 and 8) shall come into force on such day as the Secretary of State may by order appoint; and different days may be appointed for different purposes.
Short title and extent.     105. - (1) This Act may be cited as the Postal Services Act 2000.
      (2) Any modification by this Act of an enactment has the same extent as the enactment modified.
      (3) Subject to that, this Act extends to Northern Ireland.
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Prepared 28 January 2000