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Police powers: records.     103. The Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary shall make arrangements for securing that a record is made of each exercise by a constable of a power under this Part in so far as-
    (a) it is reasonably practicable to do so, and
    (b) a record is not required to be made under another enactment.
Powers.     104. A power conferred on a person by virtue of this Part-
    (a) is additional to powers which he has at common law or by virtue of any other enactment, and
    (b) shall not be taken to affect those powers or Her Majesty's prerogative.
Private security services.     105. Schedule 12 (private security services) shall have effect.
Specified organisations
Specified organisations: interpretation.     106. For the purposes of sections 107 to 110 an organisation is specified at a particular time if at that time-
    (a) it is specified under section 3(8) of the Northern Ireland (Sentences) Act 1998, and
    (b) it is, or forms part of, an organisation which is proscribed for the purposes of this Act.
Evidence.     107. - (1) This section applies where a person is charged with an offence under section 11.
      (2) Subsection (3) applies where a police officer of at least the rank of superintendent states in oral evidence that in his opinion the accused-
    (a) belongs to an organisation which is specified, or
    (b) belonged to an organisation at a time when it was specified.
      (3) Where this subsection applies-
    (a) the statement shall be admissible as evidence of the matter stated, but
    (b) the accused shall not be committed for trial, be found to have a case to answer or be convicted solely on the basis of the statement.
      (4) In this section "police officer" means a member of-
    (a) a police force within the meaning of the Police Act 1996 or the Police (Scotland) Act 1967, or
    (b) the Royal Ulster Constabulary.
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Prepared 9 February 2000