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Publications promoting groups of candidates etc. to contain details of printer and publisher.     94. - (1) No document to which this section applies shall be published unless the name and address of both printer and publisher appear on it.
      (2) This section applies to any advertisement or other document-
    (a) addressed to the public at large, or any section of the public, and
    (b) designed to promote or procure the election, at any relevant election, of-
      (i) such candidates as are mentioned in section 78(2)(b)(i) or (ii), or
      (ii) a particular registered party or such registered parties as are mentioned in section 78(2)(b)(iii) (in the case of an election for which registered parties may be nominated).
      (3) The name of any person or body on behalf of whom any such document is published must also appear on it (unless the name of any such person or body is given as the publisher).
      (4) In the case of an advertisement or other document consisting (or consisting principally) of a single side of printed matter, any name and address or name required by subsection (1) or (3) to appear on the document must appear on the face of the document.
      (5) In the case of any other document, any such name and address or name must appear on the last page of the document.
      (6) A person commits an offence if he prints or publishes, or causes to be printed or published, any document which contravenes any provision of this section.
      (7) In this section "publish" means publish in any form to the public at large or any section of the public and "print" means print by whatever means (and "publisher" and "printer" shall be construed accordingly).
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Prepared 18 February 2000