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Variation of specified sums
Power to vary specified sums.     143. - (1) The Secretary of State may by order vary any sum for the time being specified in any provision of this Act (other than the sum specified in section 10(8) or 31(5)).
      (2) The Secretary of State may make such an order either-
    (a) where he considers it expedient to do so in consequence of changes in the value of money, or
    (b) where the order gives effect to a recommendation of the Commission.
Orders and regulations.     144. - (1) Any power of the Secretary of State to make any order or regulations under this Act shall be exercised by statutory instrument.
      (2) Subject to subsections (3) and (4), a statutory instrument containing any order or regulations made under this Act by the Secretary of State shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.
      (3) Subsection (2) does not apply to-
    (a) any order under section 14(6) or 149(2) or paragraph 14(7) of Schedule 1; or
    (b) any order made in pursuance of section 143(2)(a).
      (4) Subsection (2) also does not apply to any order under-
    (a) section 60(1),
    (b) section 95(4),
    (c) section 101(3),
    (d) section 102(6),
    (e) paragraph 7 of Schedule 7 or paragraph 7 of Schedule 12, or
    (f) paragraph 3 of Schedule 13;
  and no such order shall be made (whether alone or with other provisions) unless a draft of the statutory instrument containing the order has been laid before, and approved by a resolution of, each House of Parliament.
      (5) Any order or regulations made by the Secretary of State under this Act may-
    (a) contain such consequential, incidental, supplementary or transitional provisions or savings (including provisions amending, repealing or revoking enactments) as the Secretary of State considers appropriate; and
    (b) make different provision for different cases.
      (6) Paragraphs 21 to 23 of Schedule 1 contain provisions relating to regulations made by the Commission.
Documents for purposes of the Act.     145. - (1) Any application, notice or notification required or authorised to be made or given under this Act must be in writing.
      (2) Any document required or authorised to be given or sent under this Act may be sent by post.
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Prepared 18 February 2000