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SCHEDULE 3, - continued

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     8. - (1) Paragraphs 9 and 10 must be complied with in relation to an application under section 26.
      (2) Such an application must be accompanied by any fee prescribed by order made by the Secretary of State.
      (3) In the following provisions of this Part of this Schedule "an application" means an application under section 26.
Details of replacement etc. officers
     9. - (1) If as a result of an application one person will be registered as leader, nominating officer and treasurer, the application must request the addition of the name of the holder of some other specified office in the party.
      (2) If an application requests-
    (a) the substitution of the name of a leader, nominating officer, treasurer or other officer, or
    (b) an addition in accordance with sub-paragraph (1),
  the application must give the home address of the person whose name is to be substituted or added.
     10. - (1) Subject to sub-paragraph (3), an application must be signed by the responsible officers of the party.
      (2) For the purposes of this paragraph "the responsible officers" are-
    (a) the registered leader;
    (b) the registered nominating officer;
    (c) the registered treasurer;
    (d) where the leader, the nominating officer and the treasurer are the same person, any other registered officer.
      (3) If any responsible officer is unable to sign an application-
    (a) the holder of some other office in the party may sign in his place, and
    (b) the application must include a statement of the reason why the responsible officer is unable to sign and a declaration that the holder of the other office is authorised to sign in his place.
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Prepared 18 February 2000