Criminal Justice (Mode of Trial) (No. 2) Bill - continued        House of Commons

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ChapterShort titleExtent of repeal
1968 c. 27.
The Firearms Act 1968.
In paragraph 3(3) of Part II of Schedule 6, the words "with the accused's consent".
1980 c. 43.
The Magistrates' Courts Act 1980.
In section 18(3), the words from "(references" to the end.
In Schedule 3-
(a) paragraph 2(b),
(b) in paragraph 3(2) the words ", and any requirement that the consent of the accused shall be obtained for summary trial,", and
(c) paragraph 7.
1994 c. 33.
The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.
Section 46.
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Prepared 24 February 2000