Amendments proposed to the Medical Treatment (prevention of Euthanasia) Bill, As Amended - continued House of Commons

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Mr Andrew Dismore


*Page     1,     line     14     [Clause     2],     leave out 'with a mental or physical illness or debility' and insert 'who is undergoing medical treatment or who is otherwise under the clinical care of a person set out in section 1'.


Mr John Healey


*Page     1,     line     14     [Clause     2],     after 'second a', insert 'terminal'.


Dr Howard Stoate


*Page     1,     line     15     [Clause     2],     leave out 'howsoever' and insert 'in circumstances in which the dignity of the patient is respected.'.


Mr Andrew Miller


*Page     1,     line     15     [Clause     2],     at end insert '"clinical care'' or "direct responsibility'' means the persons who are responsible for decisions made relating to the care of the patient'.


Mr Frank Doran


*Page     1,     line     15     [Clause     2],     at end insert "person responsible for the care of a patient" includes a responsible registered medical practitioner, student, nurse, auxiliary nurse, hospital manager or any other person responsible for or involved in providing care or treatment for a patient.'.


Mr Frank Doran


*Page     1,     line     15     [Clause     2],     at end insert '"person responsible for the care of a patient'' means a registered medical practitioner who has direct clinical control of a patient.'.


Mr Piara S. Khabra


*Page     1,     line     16     [Clause     3],     leave out '(Prevention of Euthanasia)'.


Mr Joe Ashton


*Page     1,     [Clause     3],     leave out lines 18 and 19 and insert—

    '(2) This Act will only come into force if approved under a referendum conducted under the provisions of the Political Parties and Referendum Act 2000.'.


Mr Iain Coleman


*Page     1,     line     18     [Clause     3],     leave out 'one month' and insert 'year'.


Mr Piara S. Khabra


*Page     1,     line     18     [Clause     3],     leave out 'month' and insert 'year'.


Mr Andrew Dismore


*Page     1,     line     19     [Clause     3],     at end insert 'provided that the Attorney General has certified that it complies with the Human Rights Act 1998.'.


Mr Andrew Miller


*Title,     line     2,     after 'sustenance', insert 'except in certain specified circumstances'.

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Prepared 11 Apr 2000