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Sites of special scientific interest
Sites of special scientific interest.     62. Schedule 9 (which makes amendments of the 1981 Act to change the law relating to sites of special scientific interest, including provision as to offences) has effect.
Consequential amendments relating to s. 62.     63. - (1) Schedule 10 (which makes amendments of the 1981 Act consequential upon the substitution or repeal as respects England and Wales of certain sections in that Act) has effect.
      (2) This section extends to Scotland only, except in relation to paragraph 2 of Schedule 10, which extends also to England and Wales.
Ramsar sites
Ramsar sites.     64. After section 37 of the 1981 Act there is inserted-
"Ramsar sites.     37A. - (1) Where a wetland in Great Britain has been designated under paragraph 1 of article 2 of the Ramsar Convention for inclusion in the list of wetlands of international importance referred to in that article, the Secretary of State shall-
    (a) notify the Nature Conservancy Council for England if all or part of the wetland is in England;
    (b) notify the Countryside Commission for Wales if it is in Wales; or
    (c) notify both of them if it is partly in England and partly in Wales.
      (2) Subject to subsection (3), the "Ramsar Convention" is the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat signed at Ramsar on 2nd February 1971, as amended by-
    (a) the Protocol known as the Paris Protocol done at Paris on 3rd December 1982; and
    (b) the amendments known as the Regina Amendments adopted at the Extraordinary Conference of the Contracting Parties held at Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, between 28th May and 3rd June 1987.
      (3) If the Ramsar Convention is further amended after the passing of this Act, the reference to the Ramsar Convention in subsection (1) is to be taken after the entry into force of the further amendments as referring to that Convention as further amended (and the reference to paragraph 1 of article 2 is, if necessary, to be taken as referring to the appropriate successor provision)."
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Prepared 3 March 2000