Amendments proposed to the Child Support, Pensions and Social Security Bill, As Amended - continued House of Commons

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Mr Secretary Darling


Page     130,     line     48,     column     3     [Schedule     9],     at end insert—




'Section 24.
Section 26(4)(c).
Section 29(2), (3) and (4).'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     131,     line     14,     column     3     [Schedule     9],     at beginning insert—




'In Schedule 1, paragraph 6(i).'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     131,     line     15     [Schedule     9],     at end insert—

'Part IA

State pensions

ChapterShort titleExtent of repeal
1999 c. 30.The Welfare Reform and Pensions Act 1999.In Schedule 8, paragraph 5(b) and the word "and" immediately preceding it.'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     132,     line     23     [Schedule     9],     at end insert—


'1993 c. 48.


The Pension Schemes Act 1993.

In section 146—
(a) in subsection (1)(c), the words "which arises" and the words from "and which" to "beneficiary, and";
(b) in subsection (1)(d), the words "which arises"; and

(c) subsection (3A).'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     138,     line     9     [Schedule     9],     at end insert—


'1999 c.22.


The Access to Justice Act 1999.


In Schedule 2, in paragraph 2(3)(g), the words "or 27".'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     81,     line     11     [Clause     79],     at end insert '(other than section 36)'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     82,     line     10     [Clause     80],     at end insert—

      '( ) in Schedule 3, paragraphs A8 and A9, and in paragraph 1, sub-paragraph (2) (and sub-paragraph (1) so far as it relates to that sub-paragraph);'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     82,     line     17     [Clause     80],     at end insert—

      '( ) the repeals, in Part I of Schedule 9, that relate to the Tax Credits Act 1999;'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     82,     line     18     [Clause     80],     leave out 'Schedule 9' and insert 'that Schedule'.



Steve Webb
Mr Paul Burstow
Mr Andrew George


To move the following Schedule:—

'(Housing Benefit (General) Amendment Regulations 1996)

    In the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992 after section 175(10), there shall be inserted—

    "(11) The Secretary of State shall by order amend the Housing Benefit (General) Amendment Regulations 1996 in accordance with the following provisions—

      (a) In regulation 12A of the principal Regulations (requirement to refer to rent officers) leave out paragraph (1B);

      (b) In regulation 11 of the principal Regulations (maximum rent) leave out paragraph (3A).".'.

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Prepared 27 Mar 2000