Amendments proposed to the Child Support, Pensions and Social Security Bill, As Amended - continued House of Commons

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Steve Webb
Mr Paul Burstow
Mr Andrew George


Page     84,     line     2     [Schedule     1],     leave out from 'force;' to end of line 4.


Steve Webb
Mr Paul Burstow
Mr Andrew George


Page     84,     line     5     [Schedule     1],     leave out sub-paragraph 4(3).


Steve Webb
Mr Paul Burstow
Mr Andrew George


Page     84,     line     11     [Schedule     1],     at end insert '; or

      (c) he received any benefit, pension or allowance prescribed for the purposes of this paragraph; or

      (d) he or his partner (if any) receives any benefit prescribed for the purposes of this paragraph.

    (2) The benefits, pensions and allowances which may be prescribed for the purposes of paragraph 5(1)(d) include ones paid to the non-resident parent under the law of a place outside the United Kingdom.'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     85,     line     23     [Schedule     1],     leave out from '7(4)' to 'or' in line 24 and insert '(or that Table as modified pursuant to regulations made under paragraph 10A(2)(a)),'.


Steve Webb
Mr Paul Burstow
Mr Andrew George


Page     3,     line     1,     leave out Clause 2.


Steve Webb
Mr Paul Burstow
Mr Andrew George


Page     3,     line     9     [Clause     2],     at end insert—

    '(4) In section 8(3) of the 1991 Act the word "vary" shall be deleted where it appears after the words "it would otherwise have to make,".'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     8,     line     23     [Clause     5],     leave out from '11,' to end of line 26 and insert 'and except in prescribed circumstances any appeal connected with it (under section 20) shall lapse.'.


Steve Webb
Mr Paul Burstow
Mr Andrew George


Page     88,     line     16     [Schedule     2],     leave out subsection (4), and insert—

    '(4) For the purposes of sub-paragraph (3)(b)—

      (a) "illness" may have such meaning as may be prescribed; and

      (b) "disability" shall have the same meaning as in Section 1(1) of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995; and

      (c) the question whether an illness or disability is long-term shall be determined in accordance with regulations made by the Secretary of State.'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     11,     line     40     [Clause     12],     leave out '"or' and insert '"(or application treated as made), or'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     13,     line     36     [Clause     15],     after '1965' insert ', or under Article 14 or 18(1)(b)(ii) of the Births and Deaths Registration (Northern Ireland) Order 1976'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     79,     line     1     [Clause     75],     after 'tests)' insert—



Mr Secretary Darling


Page     79,     line     8     [Clause     75],     at end insert—

      '(b) in subsection (2)—

          (i) for "person responsible for" there shall be substituted "individual", and

          (ii) after "this section" there shall be inserted "("the tester")";

      (c) in subsection (4), for "the person who made the report" there shall be substituted "the tester"; and

      (d) in subsection (5)—

          (i) for "the person responsible for carrying out the tests taken for the purpose of giving effect to the direction, or any" there shall be substituted "the tester, or any other",

          (ii) for "that person" there shall be substituted "the tester or that other person", and

          (iii) after "and where" there shall be inserted "the tester or".'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     79,     line     8     [Clause     75],     at end insert—

    '( ) In section 21 (consents, etc., required for the taking of blood samples), in subsection (3), for the words "if the person who has the care and control of him consents" there shall be substituted—

      "(a) if the person who has the care and control of him consents; or

      (b) where that person does not consent, if the court considers that it would be in his best interests for the sample to be taken.".'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     80,     line     1     [Clause     76],     leave out from beginning to end of line 8 and insert—

    '(3) Except in a case falling within subsection (3A) below, the court shall refuse to hear an application under subsection (1) above unless it considers that the applicant has a sufficient personal interest in the determination of the application (but this is subject to section 27 of the Child Support Act 1991).

    (3A) The excepted cases are where the declaration sought is as to whether or not—

      (a) the applicant is the parent of a named person;

      (b) a named person is the parent of the applicant; or

      (c) a named person is the other parent of a named child of the applicant.'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     128,     line     6     [Schedule     8],     leave out '"55A(5)"' and insert '"55A(6) or 56(4)"'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     128,     line     38     [Schedule     8],     leave out from '1987' to end of line 41 and insert—

      '(a) in subsection (2) to be substituted for section 20(2) of the Family Law Reform Act 1969 (report to court about scientific tests), for "person responsible for" there shall be substituted "individual"; and

      (b) in subsection (2A) to be inserted in section 20 of that Act (blood tests in proceedings under section 56 of the Family Law Act 1986), for "56" there shall be substituted "55A or 56".'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     129,     line     24     [Schedule     8],     leave out 'Where' and insert 'This section applies where'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     129,     line     37     [Schedule     8],     leave out from beginning to end of line 39 and insert—

    '( ) Where this section applies—

      (a) if it is the person with care who makes the application, he shall be treated as having a sufficient personal interest for the purposes of subsection (3) of that section; and

      (b) if it is the Secretary of State who makes the application, that subsection shall not apply.'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     129,     line     43     [Schedule     8],     at end insert—

'The Access to Justice Act 1999 (c.22)

    . In Schedule 2 to the Access to Justice Act 1999 (services which are not to be funded as part of community legal services), in paragraph 2(3), after paragraph (d) there shall be inserted—

            "(da) under section 55A of the Family Law Act 1986 (declarations of parentage),".'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     14,     line     22     [Clause     16],     leave out 'the liable person's' and insert 'his'.


Mr David Willetts
Mr Eric Pickles
Mrs Jacqui Lait
Mr Edward Leigh
Mr Laurence Robertson
Miss Julie Kirkbride


Page     14,     line     41     [Clause     16],     at end insert—

    '(1A) After section 39A of the 1991 Act there shall be inserted—

    ".—(1) In either of the circumstances mentioned in section 39A(1) the magistrates' court may of its own motion order such of the measures mentioned in (2) as it thinks fit.

    (2) The measures mentioned in (1) are—

      (a) an order that any welfare benefits that the liable person is in receipt of at the time of the application be reduced by such amount as the Court thinks fit;

      (b) a warrant of execution in respect of any goods owned by the liable person;

      (c) a home detention curfew of like effect to an order as could be made under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 or;

      (d) a community service order.

    (3) When making an application under section 39A the Secretary of State shall provide to the magistrates' court a statement setting out which welfare benefits the liable person is in receipt of and the amounts thereof.".'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     15,     line     43     [Clause     16],     at end insert—

    '( ) Where a court—

      (a) makes a disqualification order;

      (b) makes an order under subsection (5); or

      (c) allows an appeal against a disqualification order,

    it shall send notice of that fact to the Secretary of State; and the notice shall contain such particulars and be sent in such manner and to such address as the Secretary of State may determine.

    ( ) Where a court makes a disqualification order, it shall also send the driving licence and its counterpart, on their being produced to the court, to the Secretary of State at such address as he may determine.'.


Mr Secretary Darling


Page     16,     line     29     [Clause     16],     leave out '40A(8)' and insert '40A(10)'.


Steve Webb
Mr Paul Burstow
Mr Andrew George


Page     20,     line     7     [Clause     19],     at end insert—

    '(9A) Where the parent with care has complied with obligations imposed by section 6 of the 1991 Act, the Secretary of State shall be legally responsible for the confidentiality of information relating to the parent with care.'.

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