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Local Authority Social Services Act 1970 (c. 42)
     1. In section 3 of the Local Authority Social Services Act 1970 (business of social services committee), in subsection (1), the words "(hereafter in this Act referred to as "social services functions")" are omitted.
     2. In section 13 of that Act (orders and regulations), in subsection (4), after "section" there is inserted "6(6A)".
     3. In section 15 of that Act (citation, interpretation etc), in subsection (2), for "3" there is inserted "6(6A)".
Local Government Act 1972 (c. 70)
     4. In section 85 of the Local Government Act 1972 (vacation of office by failure to attend meetings), after subsection (3) there is inserted-
    "(3A) Any period during which a member of a local authority is suspended under section 73(4)(a)(i) or (ii) of the Local Government Act 2000 shall be discounted for the purpose of calculating the period of six consecutive months under subsection (1) above (and, accordingly, a period during which a member fails to attend meetings of the authority that falls immediately before, and another such period that falls immediately after, a period of suspension shall be treated as consecutive)."
Local Government Act 1974 (c. 7)
     5. In section 30 of the Local Government Act 1974 (reports on investigation by Local Commissioner)-
    (a) in subsection (3), the words "except where subsection (3A) below applies" are omitted,
    (b) subsection (3A) is omitted.
Local Government and Housing 1989 (c. 42)
     6. - (1) Section 5 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 (designation and reports of monitoring officer) is amended as follows.
      (2) In subsection (1), before "the officer so" there is inserted "subject to subsection (1A) below".
      (3) After that subsection there is inserted-
    "(1A) The officer designated under subsection (1) above by a relevant authority to which this subsection applies may not be that authority's head of paid service.
      (1B) Subsection (1A) above applies to the following relevant authorities in England and Wales-
    (a) a county council,
    (b) a county borough council,
    (c) a district council,
    (d) a London borough council,
    (e) the Greater London Authority,
    (f) the Common Council of the City of London in its capacity as a local authority or police authority, and
    (g) the Council of the Isles of Scilly."
      (4) In subsection (8), in paragraph (a) of the definition of "relevant authority", for "(j)" there is substituted "(k)".
     7. Sections 31 and 32(1) of that Act (National Code of Local Government Conduct) are omitted.
     8. Sections 33 to 35 of that Act (economic development and discretionary expenditure by local authorities) cease to have effect.
Tribunals and Inquiries Act 1992 (c. 53)
     9. In Part I of Schedule 1 to the Tribunals and Inquiries Act 1992 (tribunals under the supervision of the Council on Tribunals), at the end of paragraph 27 there is inserted-
"Local authorities, conduct of members
27A. A case tribunal or interim case tribunal appointed under section 70 of the Local Government Act 2000."
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Prepared 14 March 2000