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Mr Paul Boateng


Schedule     6,     page     55,     line     8,     at end insert—

'Education Reform Act 1988 (c. 40)

    . In the Education Reform Act 1988, after section 218 there is inserted—

"Regulations under section 218(6): further provision.218A.—(1) The power to make regulations under subsection (6) of section 218 above includes power to provide that a person may appeal to the Tribunal against—

      (a) a decision to prohibit or restrict the person's employment or further employment on the grounds mentioned in subsection (6ZA)(a) to (d) of that section; or

      (b) a decision not to revoke or vary such a decision as is mentioned in paragraph (a) above.

    (2) The regulations may—

      (a) make provision as to the circumstances in which the Tribunal shall allow an appeal under the regulations and as to the powers available to it on allowing such an appeal;

      (b) provide that, where a person has been convicted of an offence involving misconduct, no finding of fact on which the conviction must be taken to have been based shall be challenged on an appeal under the regulations.

    (3) The power to make regulations under subsection (6) of that section also includes power to make provision for a person who has been subject, for a prescribed period, to a prohibition or restriction imposed by virtue of that subsection on relevant grounds to apply, with the leave of the Tribunal, for a review of the prohibition or restriction.

    (4) The regulations may make provision as to—

      (a) the circumstances in which an application for leave, or a review, under the regulations shall be determined in the person's favour;

      (b) the powers available to the Tribunal on determining a review in the person's favour.

    (5) In this section—

      (a) "relevant grounds" means the grounds mentioned in section 218(6ZA)(c) above;

      (b) "the Tribunal" means the Tribunal established under section 1 of the Protection of Children Act 1999."'.


Miss Ann Widdecombe
Mr David Lidington
Mr Oliver Heald
Mr Nick Hawkins
Mr Peter Luff


Schedule     6,     page     56,     leave out lines 5 to 14.


Mr Paul Boateng


Schedule     6,     page     56,     line     19,     after 'who' insert 'is included (otherwise than provisionally) in the list kept under section 1 of the Protection of Children Act 1999 (individuals considered unsuitable to work with children) or'.


Mr Paul Boateng


Schedule     6,     page     58,     leave out lines 28 to 39.


Mr Paul Boateng


Schedule     6,     page     58,     leave out lines 42 to 44 and insert—

      '( ) for paragraph (b) there is substituted—

            "(b) on an appeal or determination under regulations made under section 218(6) of the 1988 Act;"'.


Mr Paul Boateng


Schedule     6,     page     58,     line     50,     at end insert—

    '46A. In section 14 (extent etc.)—

      (a) in subsection (3), for "This Act, except section 8 and this section," there is substituted "Subject to subsections (4) and (5) below, this Act",

      (b) after subsection (4) there is inserted—

            "(5) Section 9 above and the Schedule to this Act extend to the whole of the United Kingdom."'.


Mr Paul Boateng


Schedule     7,     page     63,     line     29,     at end insert—


'1999 c. 14.


Protection of Children Act 1999.


Section 6.'.


Mr Paul Boateng


Clause     63,     page     40,     line     10,     leave out '35 and 54 also extend to' and insert 'and 54 extend to England, Wales and'.


Mr Paul Boateng


Clause     63,     page     40,     line     10,     at end insert—

    '( ) Sections 24 to 31, so far as they relate to the making of orders by, or orders made by, courts-martial or the Courts-Martial Appeal Court, extend to the whole of the United Kingdom.

    ( ) Section 35 extends to the whole of the United Kingdom.'.


Mr Paul Boateng


Clause     63,     page     40,     line     13,     at end insert—

    '( ) Paragraph 46A of Schedule 6 extends to the whole of the United Kingdom.'.


Rehabilitation of offenders


Mr Paul Boateng


To move the following Clause:—

    '.—(1) Where a disqualification order is made in respect of an individual's conviction of an offence, the rehabilitation period which, in accordance with section 6 of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 is applicable to the conviction is to be determined as if that order had not been made; and a disqualification order is not a sentence for the purposes of that Act.

    (2) In this section "conviction" has the same meaning as in that Act.'.

Reinstatement of Disqualification Order


Miss Ann Widdecombe
Mr David Lidington
Mr Nick Hawkins
Mr Peter Luff


To move the following Clause:—

    '.—(1) This section applies where the Tribunal has directed under the provisions of section 30 that a disqualification order is to cease to have effect in respect of an individual.

    (2) A relevant person may at any time apply to the Tribunal for the reinstatement of the disqualification order.

    (3) An application under subsection (2) may only be granted if the Tribunal is satisfied, having regard to all the circumstances, that it is likely that the individual may commit a further offence against a child.

    (4) Where the Tribunal reinstates an order under this section, it must state its reasons for doing so and cause those reasons to be included in the record of the proceedings.

    (5) In this section, "relevant person" means—

      (a) the Secretary of State;

      (b) a superintendent of police;

      (c) the director of social services of a local authority.'.

Miscellaneous offences involving controlled drugs


Jackie Ballard
Mr John Burnett


To move the following Clause:—

    '(1) Section 8 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 is amended as follows:—

    (2) For the words "being the occupier or concerned in the management" there shall be substituted the words "being the occupier or manager"

    (3) For the words "knowingly permits or suffers" there shall be substituted the words "knowingly and wilfully permits"

    (4) Subsections 8(c) and 8(d) shall be deleted.'.

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