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Studies across Wales or of provision made outside Wales.     81. - (1) The National Assembly may direct the Chief Inspector for Wales to carry out-
    (a) a survey of Wales, or of a specified area within Wales, in respect of specified matters relating to policy concerned with education or training for persons aged 16 or over; or
    (b) a comparative study of the provision made outside Wales in respect of specified matters relating to such education or training.
      (2) The Chief Inspector for Wales may, without being directed to, carry out a survey or study of that kind.
Annual reports.     82. - (1) The annual report of the Chief Inspector for Wales required by section 5(7)(a) of the School Inspections Act 1996 must include an account of the exercise of functions of the Chief Inspector for Wales under this Part.
      (2) The power conferred by that section to make other reports includes a power to make reports with respect to matters relating to education or training which is brought within the remit of the Chief Inspector for Wales by this Part.
Defamation.     83. - (1) For the purposes of the law of defamation, any report under this Part is privileged unless its publication is shown to have been made with malice.
      (2) Nothing in subsection (1) limits any privilege subsisting apart from that subsection.
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