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Transfers of staff under Part II.     36. - (1) The appropriate Minister may by order make a scheme for the transfer to the new employer of any eligible employee.
      (2) In this section-
    "eligible employee" means a person who is employed under a contract of employment with an old employer on work which would have continued but for the provisions of this Part;
    "new employer" means the registration authority;
    "old employer" means a local authority or a Health Authority.
Temporary extension of meaning of "nursing home".     37. In section 21 of the Registered Homes Act 1984 (meaning of nursing home), for subsection (3)(e)(ii) there shall be substituted-
    "(ii) by a dental practitioner for the purpose of treating his patients, unless also used or intended to be used for treating them under general anaesthesia;
    (iia) by a chiropodist for the purpose of treating his patients;".
Temporary extension of meaning of "children's home".     38. In section 63(3)(a) of the 1989 Act (meaning of "children's home"), for "more than three children at any one time" there shall be substituted "children".
Power to extend the application of Part II.     39. - (1) Regulations may provide for the provisions of this Part to apply, with such modifications as may be specified in the regulations, to prescribed persons who provide relevant services.
      (2) In this section, "relevant services" means services which are similar to services which may or must be provided by local authorities in the exercise of their social services functions or by Health Authorities, Special Health Authorities, NHS trusts or Primary Care Trusts.
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Prepared 6 April 2000