Amendments proposed to the Care Standards Bill [Lords] - continued House of Commons

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Mr John Hutton


Schedule     3,     page     75,     line     8,     leave out '63(11) (which introduces Schedule 6)' and insert '63 (children not to be cared for and accommodated in unregistered children's homes)—

      (a) for the sidenote there is substituted "Private children's homes etc.";

      (b) in subsection (11),'.


Mr John Hutton


Schedule     3,     page     75,     line     9,     at end insert 'and

      (c) in subsection (12), after "treated" there shall be inserted ", for the purposes of this Act and the Care Standards Act 2000,".'.


Mr John Hutton


Schedule     3,     page     75,     line     26,     at end insert—

    '( ) In section 66 (privately fostered children)—

      (a) in subsection (1)(a) after "accommodation" there shall be inserted "in their own home"; and

      (b) after subsection (4) there shall be inserted—

            "(4A) The Secretary of State may by regulations make provision as to the circumstances in which a person who provides accommodation to a child is, or is not, to be treated as providing him with accommodation in the person's own home."'.


Mr John Hutton


Schedule     3,     page     76,     line     20,     at end insert—

    '( ) In paragraph 5(1) of Schedule 7 (foster parents: limit on number of foster children), after "treated" there shall be inserted ", for the purposes of this Act and the Care Standards Act 2000".'


Mr John Hutton


Schedule     3,     page     76,     line     20,     at end insert—

    '( ) In Schedule 8 (privately fostered children)—

      (a) in paragraph 2, sub-paragraph (1)(b) shall cease to have effect, and in sub-paragraph (2), for "(1)(b)" there shall be substituted "(1)(c)"; and

      (b) in paragraph 9(1), for "2(1)(d)" there shall be substituted "2(1)(c) and (d)", and at the end there shall be inserted—

            "But this sub-paragraph does not apply to a school which is an appropriate children's home."'.


Mr John Hutton


Schedule     5,     page     80,     line     43,     column     3,     after 'Schedule 8,' insert 'paragraph 2(1)(b) and'.


Mr Philip Hammond
Mrs Caroline Spelman


Title,     line     3,     leave out first 'independent'.

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Prepared 8 Jun 2000