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Mr John Hutton


Clause     63,     page     29,     line     33,     at beginning insert—

    'The appropriate Minister has the function of—

      (a) ascertaining what training is required by persons who are or wish to become social care workers;

      (b) ascertaining what financial and other assistance is required for promoting such training;

      (c) encouraging the provision of such assistance;

      (d) drawing up occupational standards for social care workers.



Mr John Hutton


Clause     63,     page     29,     line     35,     after 'of' insert 'persons who are or wish to become'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     63,     page     29,     leave out from end of line 37 to 'social' in line 39 and insert 'for training persons who are or wish to become'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     63,     page     29,     leave out line 41 and insert 'that purpose'.


Mr Philip Hammond
Mrs Caroline Spelman


Clause     63,     page     30,     line     17,     at end insert—

    '( ) The Assembly may authorise any person or the employees of any person to exercise the function of the Assembly under this section.'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     65,     page     30,     line     32,     leave out from 'one' to end of line 35.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     67,     page     31,     line     37,     at end insert—

    '( ) Rules made by a Council under this Part may make provision for the payment of reasonable fees to the Council in connection with the discharge of the Council's functions.

    ( ) In particular, the rules may make provision for the payment of such fees in connection with—

      (a) registration (including applications for registration or for amendment of the register);

      (b) the approval of courses under section 59;

      (c) the provision of training;

      (d) the provision of copies of codes of practice or copies of, or extracts, from the register,

    including provision requiring persons registered under this Part to pay a periodic fee to the Council of such amount, and at such time, as the rules may specify'.


Caroline Flint


Clause     68,     page     32,     leave out lines 20 to 28.


Caroline Flint


Clause     68,     page     32,     line     46,     at end insert—

    '(9) This Part does not apply in relation to a person engaged as an au-pair or a babysitter.'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     33,     line     16,     leave out 'the proximity of' and insert 'regular contact with'.


Caroline Flint


Clause     68,     page     33,     line     26,     at end insert—

      '(e) he is providing childcare in the parental home of a child and in such circumstances the following conditions will apply—

          (i) he is suitable to look after children under the age of eight;

          (ii) he is complying with regulations under section 79C and with any conditions imposed by the registration authority.'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     33,     line     33,     leave out 'the proximity of' and insert 'regular contact with'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     34,     leave out lines 1 and 2.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     34,     line     5,     after 'includes' insert 'any area and'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     34,     line     5,     at end insert—

    '( ) "Member of the Inspectorate" means the Chief Inspector, any of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools in England and any additional inspector authorised by the Chief Inspector under paragraph 2 of Schedule 1 to the School Inspections Act 1996.'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     34,     line     28,     leave out 'the proximity of' and insert 'regular contact with'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     34,     line     34,     leave out 'and safety' and insert ', safety and suitability'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     35,     line     45,     at end insert—

      '(b) give any other information which the registration authority reasonably requires the applicant to give.'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     36,     line     3,     at end insert—

    '( ) Where the registration authority has sent the applicant notice under section 79L(1) of its intention to refuse an application under this section, the application may not be withdrawn without the consent of the authority.

    ( ) A person who, in an application under this section, knowingly makes a statement which is false or misleading in a material particular shall be guilty of an offence and liable, on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale.'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     37,     line     8,     leave out 'carry out repairs or make alterations or additions' and insert 'make any changes or additions to any services, equipment or premises'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     37,     line     11,     leave out from 'ground' to 'if' in line 12 and insert 'of any defect or insufficiency in the services, equipment or premises'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     37,     line     15,     leave out from first 'the' to 'additions' in line 17 and insert 'defect or insufficiency is due to the changes or'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     37,     line     28,     leave out 'Chief Inspector' and insert 'registration authority'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     38,     line     44,     leave out 'in person or by' and insert 'orally or in writing, by the recipient of the notice or'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     39,     line     6,     at end insert—

    '( ) Subsection (6) does not prevent a step from taking effect before the expiry of the time within which an appeal may be brought under section 79M if the person concerned notifies the registration authority in writing that he does not intend to appeal.'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     39,     line     35,     at end insert 'or intend to do so'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     39,     line     37,     leave out 'by registered persons'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     39,     line     40,     leave out 'section 2(7)(a)' and insert 'subsection (7)(a) of section 2'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     39,     line     42,     at end insert 'and the power conferred by subsection (7)(b) of that section to make other reports to the Secretary of State includes a power to make reports with respect to matters which fall within the scope of his functions by virtue of this Part.'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     40,     line     32,     at beginning insert—

    '( ) The Chief Inspector may at any time require any registered person to provide him with any information connected with the person's activities as a child minder, or provision of day care, which the Chief Inspector considers it necessary to have for the purposes of his functions under this Part.'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     41,     line     3,     at end insert—

    '( ) The period mentioned in subsection (1) may, if the Chief Inspector considers it necessary, be extended by up to three months.'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     41,     line     5,     leave out from 'he' to 'send' in line 8 and insert—

      ( ) may send a copy of it to the Secretary of State, and shall do so without delay if the Secretary of State requests a copy;

      ( ) shall'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     41,     line     11,     leave out from 'and' to end of line 13 and insert—

      '( ) may arrange for the report (or parts of it) to be further published in any manner he considers appropriate.'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     41,     line     22,     at end insert 'or intend to do so'.


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     41,     line     22,     at end insert—

    '( ) In relation to child minding and day care provided in Wales, the Assembly shall have any additional function specified in regulations made by the Assembly; but the regulations may only specify a function corresponding to a function which, by virtue of section 79N(5), is exercisable by the Chief Inspector in relation to child minding and day care provided in England.'


Mr John Hutton


Clause     68,     page     41,     line     23,     at beginning insert—

    '( ) The Assembly may at any time require any registered person to provide it with any information connected with the person's activities as a child minder or provision of day care which the Assembly considers it necessary to have for the purposes of its functions under this Part.'.

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