Amendments proposed to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers, As Amended - continued House of Commons

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Mr Secretary Straw


*Page     58,     line     33     [Clause     54],     leave out 'and the Covert Investigations Commissioner shall each' and insert 'shall'.


Mr Secretary Straw


*Page     58,     line     37     [Clause     54],     leave out 'a' and insert 'the Interception of Communications'.


Mr Secretary Straw


*Page     58,     line     41     [Clause     54],     leave out 'Commissioner in question' and insert 'Interception of Communications Commissioner'.


Mr Secretary Straw


*Page     59,     line     47     [Clause     55],     leave out from beginning to end of line 26 on page 60 and insert—

      '(a) the exercise and performance, by the persons on whom they are conferred or imposed, of the powers and duties conferred or imposed by or under Part II;

      (b) the exercise and performance, by any person other than a judicial authority, of the powers and duties conferred or imposed, otherwise than with the permission of such an authority, by or under Part III; and

      (c) the adequacy of the arrangements by virtue of which the duties imposed by section 51 are sought to be discharged in relation to persons whose conduct is subject to review under paragraph (b).'.


Mr Secretary Straw


*Page     60,     line     36     [Clause     55],     at end insert—

    '( ) In this section "judicial authority" means—

      (a) any judge of the High Court or of the Crown Court or any Circuit Judge;

      (b) any judge of the High Court of Justiciary or any sheriff;

      (c) any justice of the peace;

      (d) any county court judge or resident magistrate in Northern Ireland;

      (e) any person holding any such judicial office as entitles him to exercise the jurisdiction of a judge of the Crown Court or of a justice of the peace.'.


Mr Secretary Straw


Page     60,     line     44     [Clause     56],     after first 'the', insert 'only'.


Mr Secretary Straw


*Page     61,     line     33     [Clause     56],     leave out paragraph (c) and insert—

      '(c) conduct to which Chapter II of Part I applies;

      (ca) conduct to which Part II applies;

      (cb) directed or intrusive surveillance in Scotland or the conduct or use in Scotland of any covert human intelligence source;'.


Mr Secretary Straw


*Page     61,     line     38     [Clause     56],     leave out from '(3),' to 'unless' in line 40 and insert 'nothing mentioned in paragraph (ca), (cb) or (e) of subsection (5) shall be treated as falling within that subsection'.


Mr Secretary Straw


*Page     62,     line     24     [Clause     56],     at end insert—

    '( ) The references in subsection (5)(cb) to directed or intrusive surveillance and to the conduct or use of a covert human intelligence source are references to any conduct that would constitute any such surveillance, conduct or use for the purposes of Part II.'.


Mr Secretary Straw


Page     63,     line     46     [Clause     58],     at end insert—

    '(5A) Subject to any provision made by rules under section 60, where any proceedings have been brought before the Tribunal or any reference made to the Tribunal, they shall have power to make such interim orders, pending their final determination, as they think fit.'.


Mr Secretary Straw


Page     64,     line     15     [Clause     58],     at end insert—

    '( ) It shall be the duty of the Secretary of State to secure that there is at all times an order under subsection (7) in force allowing for an appeal to a court against any exercise by the Tribunal of their jurisdiction under section 56(2)(c) or (d).'.


Mr Secretary Straw


*Page     66,     line     5     [Clause     59],     leave out 'the Covert Investigations Commissioner,'.


Mr Secretary Straw


Page     66,     line     46     [Clause     60],     leave out '58(6)' and insert '58(5A) or (6)'.


Mr Secretary Straw


Page     68,     line     9     [Clause     60],     at beginning insert 'Subject to subsection (9),'.


Mr Secretary Straw


Page     68,     line     10     [Clause     60],     at end insert—

    '(9) Subsection (8) does not apply in the case of the rules made on the first occasion on which the Secretary of State exercises his power to make rules under this section.

    (10) The rules made on that occasion shall cease to have effect at the end of the period of forty days beginning with the day on which they were made unless, before the end of that period, they have been approved by a resolution of each House of Parliament.

    (11) For the purposes of subsection (10)—

      (a) the rules' ceasing to have effect shall be without prejudice to anything previously done or to the making of new rules; and

      (b) in reckoning the period of forty days no account shall be taken of any period during which Parliament is dissolved or prorogued or during which both Houses are adjourned for more than four days.'.


Mr Secretary Straw


*Page     69,     line     40     [Clause     63],     leave out 'the Covert Investigations Commissioner,'.


Mr Secretary Straw


Page     72,     line     42     [Clause     66],     after '2000', insert 'or under any enactment contained in or made under an Act of the Scottish Parliament which makes provision equivalent to that made by Part II of that Act of 2000'.


Mr Secretary Straw


Page     74,     line     41     [Clause     68],     leave out '6(3),'.


Mr Secretary Straw


Page     74,     line     41     [Clause     68],     before '33(5)' insert '12(6A),'.


Mr Secretary Straw


Page     74,     line     41     [Clause     68],     after '33(5),' insert '39(4A),'.


Mr Secretary Straw


Page     74,     line     41     [Clause     68],     after '62(9),' insert—

      '() the order to which section 33(5B) applies,'.


Mr Secretary Straw


*Page     75,     line     6     [Clause     69],     after 'Act' insert 'other than a provision of Part III'.


Mr Secretary Straw


*Page     75,     line     14     [Clause     69],     after 'Act' insert 'other than a provision of Part III'.


Mr Secretary Straw


Page     75,     line     40     [Clause     71],     at end insert—

      ' "Assistant Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis" includes the Deputy Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis;'.


Mr Oliver Heald
Miss Ann Widdecombe
Mr Peter Luff


Page     77,     line     21     [Clause     71],     at end insert—

    '"technical obligations under this Act" means steps to be specified or described in a notice pursuant to section 12(2) and steps needed to be taken pursuant to section 21(4) in order to be capable of obtaining any communications data.'.



Mr Oliver Heald
Miss Ann Widdecombe
Mr Peter Luff


To move the following Schedule:—

'Investigatory Powers Commission

    1. The Investigatory Powers Commission may appoint such officers and servants as they think fit, including investigating officers, subject to the approval of the Secretary of State as to numbers and as to remuneration and other terms and conditions of service.

    2. Subject to the provisions of this Act, the Commission may make arrangements for the regulation of their business.

    3. The arrangements may, with the approval of the Secretary of State provide for the discharge under the general direction of the Commission of any of the Commission's functions by any Commissioner.

    4. Anything done by a Commissioner shall have the same effect as if done by the Commission.'.


Mr David Maclean


*To move the following Schedule:—

'Relevant Public Authorities Designated for the Purposes of Sections 27 and 28

Public AuthorityDirected SurveillanceUse of Covert Sources
Police forces, includingyesyes
British Transport Policeyesyes
Ministry of Defence Policeyesyes
Service Policeyesyes
National Crime Squadyesyes
National Criminal Intelligence Serviceyesyes
HM Customs & Exciseyesyes
Security Serviceyesyes
Intelligence Services (Secret Intelligence Service, GCHQ)yesyes
Ministry of Defence/Armed Forcesyesyes
Home Office: Prison Serviceyes
Immigration Serviceyesyes
Department of Social Security: Benefits Agencyyes
Inland Revenueyesyes
Department of Health: Medical Devices Agencyyes
Food Standards Agencyyes
Medicine Control Agencyyes
High Security Hospitalsyes
NHS Estatesyes
NHS Fraudyes
Royal Pharmaceutical Societyyes
Department of Trade and Industry: Radio Communications
Export Services Directorateyes
Post Officeyes
Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions:Transport Security
Vehicle Inspectorateyesyes
Environment Agencyyesyes
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: Sea Fisheries
Centre for Environment Fisheries & Aquaculture Science
Veterinary Laboratoryyes
Veterinary Medicines Directorate,yes
Farming & Rural Conservation Agencyyes
Central Science Laboratoryyes
Pesticides Safety Directorateyes
Meat Hygiene Serviceyes
Health and Safety Executiveyes
Serious Fraud Officeyesyes
Financial Services Authorityyesyes
Local authorities (as defined in Local Government Act 1999)yes

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Prepared 4 May 2000