Amendments proposed to the Transport Bill, As Amended - continued House of Commons

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Mr Secretary Prescott


*Page     254,     line     18     [Schedule     24],     at end insert—

    '(3) In paragraphs 3(4) and 4(5), for "after consultation with" substitute "with the consent of".

    (4) In paragraph 10(15)(b), for "Board" (in both places) substitute "Authority".

    (5) In paragraph 11(10), in the definition of "relevant employer" insert at the end—

            "(d) the Authority; or

            (e) a wholly owned subsidiary of the Authority.".'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     254,     line     26     [Schedule     24],     at end insert—

    '. The Channel Tunnel Rail Link Act 1996 has effect subject to the following amendments.

    . After section 42 insert—

"Strategic Rail Authority as agent of Secretary of State.42A.—(1) The Strategic Rail Authority may do anything which it arranges with the Secretary of State to do on his behalf in connection with any agreement or other arrangement made by him for the purpose of securing the design, construction, financing, maintenance or operation of the rail link or any of the other works authorised by this Part of this Act.

    (2) Subsection (1) above—

      (a) does not authorise the Strategic Rail Authority to exercise any function conferred or imposed by or by virtue of any enactment, and

      (b) is subject to the terms of the agreement or other arrangement.

    (3) Sections 184 and 185 of the Transport Act 2000 do not apply to the power conferred by this section.".'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     254,     line     27     [Schedule     24],     leave out 'to the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Act 1996'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     256,     line     29     [Schedule     25],     at end insert—

    ' . The fact that a statement of policy has not been published by the Secretary of State under section 26(5) of the Railways Act 1993, as inserted by section 189, does not affect the validity of any direction given under section 26(1) of that Act.'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     257,     line     4     [Schedule     25],     at end insert 'or

      (b) the inclusion in a final or provisional order of any requirement to pay a sum or any determination of the amount of any sum payable in accordance with such an order.'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


*Page     257,     line     9     [Schedule     25],     at end insert—

'Review of access charges

    .—(1) This paragraph applies if, before this Act is passed, notice has been given by the Regulator of his conclusions on an access charges review (within the meaning of Schedule 4A to the Railways Act 1993, as inserted by Schedule (Review of access charges by Regulator) to this Act) but the conclusions have not been implemented.

    (2) The conclusions may be implemented after the time by which they are to be implemented in accordance with the access agreement.

    (3) The procedure for the implementation of the conclusions shall be as provided for by paragraphs 4 to 16 of Schedule 4A to the Railways Act 1993 (and not as provided for by the access agreement).'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     267,     column     3     [Schedule     27],     leave out line 34.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     267,     line     54     [Schedule     27],     at end insert—

'1966 c. 28.Docks and Harbours Act 1966.Section 47.'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     269,     line     43     [Schedule     27],     at end insert—

'1981 c. 56.Transport Act 1981.In Schedule 4, paragraph 1(3).'.

Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     269,     line     51     column     3     [Schedule     27],     leave out '39(1)' and insert '39'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     269,     line     52     [Schedule     27],     at end insert—

'Section 41.

Section 42.'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


*Page     270,     line     39,     column     3     [Schedule     27],     at end insert—

'In section 13(7), the words "the Secretary of State and".'.

Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     275,     column     3     [Schedule     27],     leave out lines 22 and 23.


Mr Secretary Prescott


*Page     275,     line     25,     column     3     [Schedule     27],     at end insert—

      'in paragraph 10(6)(b), the words "of the Board" (in both places), and

      in paragraph 11(10), in the definition of "relevant employer", the word "or" at the end of paragraph (b) and, in paragraph (c), the words ", other than a company which is wholly owned by the Franchising Director".'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


*Page     275,     line     28     [Schedule     27],     at end insert—

'S.I. 1994/1432.Railway Pensions (Protection and Designation of Schemes) Order 1994.In article 9(2), the words ", except to the extent specified in paragraph (3)," and the word "relevant" (in both places).

Article 13.

Article 14.'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     276,     line     31     [Schedule     27],     at end insert—

'Part V


1985 c. 67.Transport Act 1985.In Schedule 7, paragraph 21(10).'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     276,     line     31     [Schedule     27],     at end insert—

'2000 c. 00.Freedom of Information Act 2000.In Schedule 1, in Part VI, the entry relating to the British Railways Board.'.

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