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Obligations of electricity distributors - continued

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Additional terms of connection.     46. For section 21 of the 1989 Act (additional terms of connection) there is substituted-
"Additional terms of connection.     21. An electricity distributor may require any person who requires a connection in pursuance of section 16(1) above to accept in respect of the making of the connection-
    (a) any restrictions which must be imposed for the purpose of enabling the distributor to comply with regulations under section 29; and
    (b) any terms restricting any liability of the distributor for economic loss resulting from negligence which it is reasonable in all the circumstances for that person to be required to accept."
Special agreements with respect to connection.     47. For section 22 of the 1989 Act (special agreements with respect to supply) there is substituted-
"Special agreements with respect to connection.     22. - (1) Notwithstanding anything in sections 16 to 21, a person who requires a connection in pursuance of section 16(1) may enter into an agreement with the electricity distributor (referred to in this Part as a "special connection agreement") for the making of the connection on such terms as may be agreed by the parties.
    (2) So long as a special connection agreement is effective, the rights and liabilities of the parties shall be those arising under the agreement and not those provided for by sections 16 to 21.
      (3) Nothing in subsection (2) prevents the giving of a notice under section 16A(1) requiring a connection to be made as from the time when a special connection agreement ceases to be effective."
General duties of electricity distributors.     48. In section 9 of the 1989 Act (general duties of licence holders), for subsection (1) there is substituted-
    "(1) It shall be the duty of an electricity distributor-
    (a) to develop and maintain an efficient, co-ordinated and economical system of electricity distribution;
    (b) to facilitate competition in the supply and generation of electricity."
Electricity licence holders
The electricity code.     49. - (1) In section 24 of the 1989 Act (the public electricity supply code), for "supply of electricity by public electricity suppliers" there is substituted "distribution and supply of electricity".
      (2) For Schedule 6 to the 1989 Act (the public electricity supply code) there is substituted the provisions of Schedule 4.
Electricity metering.     50. Schedule 5 (which amends Schedule 7 to the 1989 Act) has effect.
Powers of licence holders.     51. - (1) Section 10 of the 1989 Act (powers of licence holders) is amended as follows.
      (2) In subsection (1), in paragraph (a) the words "a public electricity supplier or" shall cease to have effect and, in paragraph (b) after "to" (in the second place it appears) there is inserted "an electricity distributor or".
      (3) In subsection (3), for "A licence under section 6(1)(a) above" there is substituted "A generation licence".
      (4) After subsection (3) there is inserted-
    "(3A) Subsection (3) applies in relation to any purpose connected with the supply to any premises of any gas or liquid subjected to a cooling effect produced in association with electricity as it applies to a purpose mentioned in that subsection."
      (5) In subsection (4), for "A licence under paragraph (b) or (c) of section 6(1) above" there is substituted "A transmission licence".
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Prepared 12 April 2000