Criminal Justice and Court Services Bill - continued        House of Commons

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     1. Offences under the following provisions of the Theft Act 1968 are trigger offences:
    section 1 (theft)
    section 8 (robbery)
    section 9 (burglary)
    section 10 (aggravated burglary)
    section 12 (taking motor vehicle or other conveyance without authority)
    section 12A (aggravated vehicle-taking)
    section 15 (obtaining property by deception)
    section 25 (going equipped for stealing, etc.)
     2. Offences under the following provisions of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 are trigger offences, if committed in respect of a specified Class A drug:
    section 4 (restriction on production and supply of controlled drugs)
    section 5(2) (possession of controlled drug)
    section 5(3) (possession of controlled drug with intent to supply)
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Prepared 10 May 2000