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Staff of the Board
     13. - (1) The Board may, with the approval of the Secretary of State as to numbers and terms and conditions of service, employ persons to enable the Board to discharge its functions.
      (2) The Board may make arrangements for administrative, secretarial or other assistance to be provided for the Board by persons employed in the civil service.
Power to transfer staff to employment of Board
     14. - (1) The Secretary of State may by regulations provide for the transfer to the employment of the Board of any person to whom this paragraph applies.
      (2) Subject to sub-paragraph (3), this paragraph applies to any person who immediately before such date as may be prescribed in regulations under sub-paragraph (1) ("the prescribed date") is-
    (a) employed in the civil service; and
    (b) engaged, in pursuance of arrangements under paragraph 13(2), in providing assistance to the Board.
      (3) This paragraph does not apply to a person if-
    (a) his employment in the civil service terminates on the day immediately before the prescribed date; or
    (b) he is withdrawn from work with the Board with effect from the prescribed date.
      (4) Before making any regulations under this paragraph the Secretary of State shall consult-
    (a) the Board; and
    (b) such organisations as appear to the Secretary of State to represent the interests of persons affected by the regulations.
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Prepared 16 May 2000