Amendments proposed to the Countryside and Rights of Way Bill, As Amended - continued House of Commons

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Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     88,     line     33     [Schedule     8],     leave out 'the land on which it was carried out' and insert 'a site of special scientific interest'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     88,     line     37     [Schedule     8],     leave out from 'operations' to end of line 38 and insert '(whether on land included in the site of special scientific interest or not) as may be so specified for the purpose of restoring the site of special scientific interest to its former condition."'.


Mr David Heath
Mr Tom Brake


Page     88,     line     38     [Schedule     8],     at end insert—

    '(2A) Subsection (1) applies even if the operation in respect of which a person is convicted of an offence under section 28M(2) or (3) did not take place on land included in a site of special scientific interest.'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     89,     line     11     [Schedule     8],     at end insert—

    ' . In section 67 of the 1981 Act (application to Crown), after subsection (1) there is inserted—

            "(1A) An interest in Crown land, other than one held by or on behalf of the Crown, may be acquired under section 28L, but only with the consent of the appropriate authority."'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     92,     line     43     [Schedule     10],     leave out from 'In' to 'after' in line 44 and insert 'section 1(5) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (offence of intentional disturbance of wild birds)'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     93,     line     21     [Schedule     10],     at end insert—

    '. In section 9 of that Act (protection of certain wild animals)—

      (a) in subsection (4) after "intentionally" there is inserted "or recklessly", and

      (b) after that subsection there is inserted—

            "(4A) Subject to the provisions of this Part, if any person intentionally or recklessly disturbs any wild animal included in Schedule 5 as—

            (a) a dolphin or whale (cetacea), or

            (b) a basking shark (cetorhinus maximus),

            he shall be guilty of an offence."

    . In section 16(3) of that Act (power to grant licences) for "and (4)" there is substituted ", (4) and (4A)".".'.


Mr Damian Green
Mr James Paice
Mr Geoffrey Clifton-Brown


Page     93,     line     21     [Schedule     10],     at end insert—

    '4A. For section 14(2) of that Act (introduction of new species) there is substituted—

            "(2) Subject to the provisions of this Part, if any person plants, releases or otherwise causes to grow in the wild any plant which is included in Part II of Schedule 9 he shall be guilty of an offence.

            (2A) Subject to the provisions of this Part, if any person—

            (a) sells, offers or exposes for sale, or has in his possession or transports for the purpose of sale, any living wild plant included in Part II of Schedule 9, or any part of such a wild plant; or

            (b) publishes or causes to be published any advertisement likely to be understood as conveying that he buys or sells or intends to sell, any of those things,

            he shall be guilty of an offence.".'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     97,     column     3     [Schedule     11],     leave out lines 8 to 42 and insert—




'Sections 61 to 63.

Section 88(1)(c).

In section 111A(3)(a), the words "61 to 63,".'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     97,     line     43     [Schedule     11],     leave out from beginning to end of page 98, line 17.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     98,     line     20,     column     3     [Schedule     11],     leave out 'paragraphs 6 and 7' and insert 'paragraph 6'.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     98     [Schedule     11],     leave out lines 23 and 24.


Mr Secretary Prescott


Page     98,     line     27,     column     3     [Schedule     11],     leave out 'paragraph 1(8) and (9)' and insert 'in paragraph 1(8), the words "62(1) and".'.


Mr Gordon Prentice
Chris McCafferty
Mr Brian Sedgemore
Dr Ian Gibson
Mr Bill Michie
Mr Ken Purchase


Page     99,     line     26     [Schedule     11],     at beginning insert—

'1 & 2 Will 4 c. 32.The Game Act 1831In section 35 the words "to any person hunting or coursing upon any lands with hounds or greyhounds, and being in fresh pursuit of any deer, hare or fox already started upon any other land, nor".
23 & 24 Vict c. 90The Game Licences Act 1860In section 5, exceptions 3 and 4 (so far as extending to England and Wales)'.


Mr Gordon Prentice
Chris McCafferty
Mr Brian Sedgemore
Dr Ian Gibson
Mr Bill Michie
Mr Ken Purchase


Page     100,     line     5     [Schedule     11],     at end insert—

'1992 c. 51The Protection of Badgers Act 1992Section 8(4) to (9) (so far as extending to England and Wales).'.

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