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Joint inspections
Joint inspections.     69. - (1) The Secretary of State may by regulations make provision for inspections to be carried out under this Part as joint inspections under the direction of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools in England in cases in which a person provides-
    (a) education or training of a kind that is within the remit of the Inspectorate, and
    (b) education or training of a kind brought within the Chief Inspector's remit by Chapter II.
      (2) The regulations may, in particular, make provision-
    (a) as to the circumstances in which a joint inspection must be conducted;
    (b) as to the circumstances in which a joint inspection may be conducted;
    (c) for establishing the circumstances of a particular case;
    (d) requiring a joint inspection to be conducted according to a plan prepared by the Chief Inspector in accordance with the regulations;
    (e) for provisions of this Part to apply in relation to a joint inspection with such modifications as may be prescribed;
    (f) for the preparation and publication of a single report by the Chief Inspector of the results of a joint inspection;
    (g) for the making by such persons as may be prescribed of written statements of proposed action (in the light of the report) and of the period within which any such action may be taken.
      (3) The person making a statement required by provision made as a result of subsection (2)(g) must-
    (a) publish it within such period, and in such manner, as may be prescribed; and
    (b) send copies of it to such persons as may be prescribed.
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