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Friday 23rd June 2000

New Amendments handed in are marked thus *




The Amendments have been arranged in accordance with the Order to be proposed by Mr Secretary Blunkett.

Mr Secretary Blunkett To move, That the Bill, as amended, be considered in the following order: New Clauses relating to city academies; amendments relating to Clauses 124 to 126 and Schedule 8; New Clauses relating to selective admissions policy; amendments relating to Clause 135; New Clauses relating to Part I; amendments relating to Part I; New Clauses relating to Part II; amendments relating to Part II; New Clauses relating to Part III; amendments relating to Part III; New Clauses relating to Part IV; amendments relating to Clauses 71 to 123 and Schedule 7; amendments relating to Clauses 127 to 134; amendments relating to Clauses 136 to 143 and Schedules 9 and 10; Remaining New Clauses; New Schedules; amendments relating to Schedule 11.


City academies: financial provisions


Mr Secretary Blunkett


*To move the following Clause:—

    ' . In section 483 of the Education Act 1996 (city colleges: financial provisions) after subsection (3) there shall be inserted—

            "(3A) If the school is a city academy, subsection (3) shall apply with such modifications (if any) as may be specified by the Secretary of State by order."'.


Mr Graham Brady


Page     59,     line     13     [Clause     124],     leave out subsection (2) and insert—

    '(2) In subsection (2), omit subsections 2(b) and (c) and insert "and either

      (b) provides education for pupils of different abilities who have attained the age of 11 and who are wholly or mainly drawn from the area in which the school is situated, and has a broad curriculum with an emphasis either on science and technology or on technology in its application to the performing and creative arts, or

      (c) provides education for pupils of high ability selected by examination, and has a broad curriculum with an emphasis on such specialisms as the governing body may decide.".'.


Mr Graham Brady


Page     59,     line     22     [Clause     124],     at end insert—

      '( ) Mathematics;

      ( ) English language and literature;'.


Mr Graham Brady


Page     59,     line     23     [Clause     124],     at end insert—

    '(2B) The city academy or college may select up to 10 per cent. of its admissions by reference to aptitude for each of the subject areas listed in section (2A).'.


Valerie Davey
Mr Hilary Benn


Page     59,     line     32     [Clause     124],     at end insert—

    '( ) After subsection (3A) insert—

      "(3B) Before entering into an agreement under this section in relation to a school to be known as a city academy, the Secretary of State must consult the local education authorities referred to in subsection (3C) about the establishment of the school.

      (3C) The authorities are—

          (a) the local education authority in whose area the school is to be situated, and

          (b) if the Secretary of State thinks a significant proportion of the pupils at the school is likely to be resident within the area of another local education authority, that authority.".'.


Mr Hilary Benn
Valerie Davey


Page     59,     line     36     [Clause     124],     at end insert—

    '(5A) Sections 84, 86, 88, 89, 90, 92 and 99 to 103 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 shall apply to city academies as if they were maintained schools insofar as they relate to the powers and functions of the Adjudicator.'.


Mrs Theresa May
Mr Tim Boswell
Mr James Clappison
Mr John Bercow


Page     59,     line     36     [Clause     124],     at end insert—

    '(6A) The Secretary of State may by order prescribe the proportion of pupils entering city academies each year who may be selected on the basis of their aptitude; and (notwithstanding section 139(2) of this Act) an order made under this subsection shall be subject to approval by a resolution of each House of Parliament.'.


Mr Phil Willis
Mr Richard Allan


Page     59,     line     37     [Clause     124],     at end add—

    '(8) No such scheme shall be made without prior consultation with the relevant local education authority.'.


Mrs Theresa May
Mr Tim Boswell
Mr James Clappison
Mr John Bercow


Page     59,     line     40     [Clause     125],     at end add—

    (3) The Secretary of State shall make a report to Parliament each year on the operation of the provisions contained in Schedule 8'.


Mrs Theresa May
Mr Tim Boswell
Mr James Clappison
Mr John Bercow


Page     60,     line     4     [Clause     126],     leave out 'if the condition in subsection (3) is satisfied'.


Mrs Theresa May
Mr Tim Boswell
Mr James Clappison
Mr John Bercow


Page     60     [Clause     126],     leave out lines 12 to 16.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


*Page     94,     line     31     [Schedule     8],     at end insert 'or the Secretary of State thinks it is about to be no longer so used.'.


Valerie Davey
Mr Hilary Benn


Page     94,     line     31     [Schedule     8],     at end insert—

      '(d) before making the scheme the Secretary of State consulted the authority.'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


*Page     94,     line     47     [Schedule     8],     at end insert—

    '(4A) A scheme must be so expressed that it does not come into force while the land concerned is used as mentioned in sub-paragraph (1)(b).'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


*Page     95,     line     1     [Schedule     8],     after first 'force' insert '(a)'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


*Page     95,     line     1     [Schedule     8],     at end insert ', or

      (b) on the day it otherwise identifies as the day for it to come into force.'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


*Page     95,     line     14     [Schedule     8],     leave out from first 'to' to end of line 15 and insert 'make a disposal in respect of the interest, or to enter into a contract to make a disposal in respect of it, or to grant an option to make an acquisition in respect to it.'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


*Page     95,     line     21     [Schedule     8],     leave out 'to' and insert 'in favour of'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


*Page     95,     line     24     [Schedule     8],     leave out 'acquire' and insert 'make an acquisition'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


*Page     95,     line     35     [Schedule     8],     leave out 'dispose' and insert 'make a disposal in respect'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


*Page     95,     line     37     [Schedule     8],     after 'interest' insert 'concerned'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


*Page     95,     line     41     [Schedule     8],     after 'disposal' insert 'in respect'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


*Page     95,     line     43     [Schedule     8],     after 'interest' insert 'concerned'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


*Page     96,     line     10     [Schedule     8],     at end insert—

    '3A.—(1) For the purposes of paragraphs 2 and 3—

      (a) references to a disposal in respect of an interest are to a disposal of the whole interest or of a lesser interest;

      (b) references to an acquisition in respect of an interest are to an acquisition of the whole interest or of a lesser interest.

    (2) If the disposal referred to in paragraph 3(3) or (5) is a disposal of a lesser interest, the reference there to the interest concerned is to the lesser interest.'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


*Page     96,     line     10     [Schedule     8],     at end insert—

'Restriction on appropriation

    3B.—(1) Sub-paragraph (2) applies if—

      (a) a freehold or leasehold interest in land is held by a local education authority,

      (b) at any time in the period of 5 years ending with the day on which this Act is passed the land was used wholly or mainly for the purposes of a county school or community school, and

      (c) the authority proposes to make an appropriation of the land under section 122 of the Local Government Act 1972.

    (2) Unless the Secretary of State consents, the authority must not make the appropriation.

    3C.—(1) This paragraph applies if an authority makes an appropriation in contravention of paragraph 3B(2).

    (2) The Secretary of State may purchase the interest concerned compulsorily.

    (3) Paragraph 3(6) to (9) apply to a compulsory purchase of an interest under sub-paragraph (2) above as they apply to a compulsory purchase of an interest under paragraph 3(5).'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


*Page     96,     line     26     [Schedule     8],     at end insert 'and

      (c) the first or the second condition set out below is satisfied.

    (1A) The first condition is that-'.

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Prepared 23 Jun 2000