Amendments proposed to the Learning and Skills Bill [Lords], As Amended - continued House of Commons

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Free schools


Mrs Theresa May
Mr Tim Boswell
Mr James Clappison
Mr John Bercow


To move the following Clause:—

    '.—(1) The Secretary of State shall by order establish a mechanism for determining the funding of all maintained schools (the funding formula).

    (2) The funding formula shall be on the same basis for every school but must have regard to:

      (a) the numbers on roll at 1st October in each school year

      (b) the age of pupils at any school including any below or above the age of compulsory schooling

      (c) such other special factors affecting the needs of pupils or the cost of provision as the Secretary of State may determine:

    (3) The governors and teachers at each school, as the case may be, shall use their allocation under the formula and such other revenues as are at their disposal to conduct education at that school; and in discharging their duties may draw on local education authorities or other bodies for free or paid-for advice and support and other educational services.

    (4) On the coming into force of the funding formula introduced under subsection (1) sections 45 to 53 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 shall be repealed.

    (5) Any order made by the Secretary of State under subsection (1) may contain such consequential, incidental, supplementary or transitional provisions or savings (including provisions amending, repealing or revoking enactments) as the Secretary of State considers appropriate.'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     116,     line     35     [Schedule     11],     at end insert—


'1988 c. 40.


Education Reform Act 1988.


In section 124(2)(b), the words ", as defined by section 15(6) and (7) of the Education Act 1996".'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     116,     line     41,     column     3     [Schedule     11],     at end insert—




'In section 52(1), the word "full-time".'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     116,     line     44,     column     3     [Schedule     11],     at end insert—




'Section 56.'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     117,     line     17,     column     3     [Schedule     11],     leave out 'paragraph' and insert 'paragraphs 112 and'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     117,     line     17     [Schedule     11],     leave out 'paragraph' and insert 'paragraphs 70 and'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     118,     line     36     [Schedule     11],     at end insert—


'1998 c. 38.


Government of Wales Act 1998.


In section 104(4), the words from "; and in determining" to the end.'.

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