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     44. - (1) For the purposes of this Schedule the relevant shipping profits of a tonnage tax company are-
    (a) its relevant shipping income (as defined below), and
    (b) so much of its chargeable gains as is effectively excluded from the charge to tax by the provisions of Part VIII of this Schedule.
      (2) The "relevant shipping income" of a tonnage tax company means-
    (a) its income from tonnage tax activities (see paragraphs 45 to 48), and
    (b) any income that is relevant shipping income under-
      paragraph 49 (distributions of overseas shipping companies), or
      paragraph 50 (certain interest etc.),
      but subject to paragraph 51 (general exclusion of investment income).
Tonnage tax activities
     45. - (1) References in this Schedule to the "tonnage tax activities" of a tonnage tax company are to-
    (a) its core qualifying activities (see paragraph 46),
    (b) its qualifying secondary activities to the extent that they do not exceed the permitted level (see paragraph 47), and
    (c) its qualifying incidental activities (see paragraph 48).
      (2) Sub-paragraph (1) has effect subject to paragraph 51(2) (exclusion of activities giving rise to investment income).
Core qualifying activities
     46. - (1) A tonnage tax company's "core qualifying activities" are-
    (a) its activities in operating qualifying ships, and
    (b) other ship-related activities that are a necessary and integral part of the business of operating its qualifying ships.
      (2) A company's activities in operating qualifying ships means the activities mentioned in paragraph 19(1)(a) to (d) by virtue of which the ship is a qualifying ship.
Qualifying secondary activities
     47. - (1) The Inland Revenue may make provision by regulations as to-
    (a) the descriptions of activity that are to be regarded as qualifying secondary activities, and
    (b) the permitted level in relation to any such activity or description of activity.
      (2) The regulations may set the permitted level or provide for its determination by reference to such factors as may be specified in the regulations.
Qualifying incidental activities
     48. - (1) A company's incidental activities means its ship-related activities that-
    (a) are incidental to its core qualifying activities, and
    (b) are not qualifying secondary activities.
      (2) If the turnover in an accounting period of the company from its incidental activities (taken together) does not exceed 0.25% of the company's turnover in that period from-
    (a) its core qualifying activities, and
    (b) its qualifying secondary activities to the extent that they do not exceed the permitted level,
       the company's incidental activities in that period are qualifying incidental activities.
Relevant shipping income: distributions of overseas shipping companies
     49. - (1) Income of a tonnage tax company consisting in a dividend or other distribution of an overseas company is relevant shipping income if the following conditions are met.
      (2) The conditions are-
    (a) that the overseas company operates qualifying ships;
    (b) that more than 50% of the voting power in the overseas company is held by a company resident in a member State, or that two or more companies each of which is resident in a member State hold in aggregate more than 50% of that voting power;
    (c) that the 75% limit is not exceeded in relation to the overseas company in any accounting period in respect of which the distribution is paid;
    (d) that all the income of the overseas company is such that, if it were a tonnage tax company, it would be relevant shipping income; and
    (e) that the distribution is paid entirely out of profits arising at a time when-
      (i) the conditions in paragraphs (a) to (d) were met, and
      (ii) the tonnage tax company was subject to tonnage tax.
      (3) For the purposes of sub-paragraph (2)(c) the "75% limit" is the requirement set out in paragraph 37 (requirement that not more than 75% of tonnage is chartered in) as it applies to a single company.
      (4) In this paragraph an "overseas company" means a company that is not resident in the United Kingdom.
Relevant shipping income: certain interest etc.
     50. - (1) Income to which this paragraph applies is relevant shipping income only to the extent that it would apart from this Schedule fall to be taken into account as trading income from a trade consisting of the company's tonnage tax activities.
      (2) This paragraph applies to-
    (a) anything giving rise to a credit that would fall to be brought into account for the purposes of Chapter II of Part IV of the Finance Act 1996 (loan relationships);
    (b) any exchange gain under Chapter II of Part II of the Finance Act 1993 (exchange gains and losses); and
    (c) any profit on a qualifying contract under Chapter II of Part IV of the Finance Act 1994 (interest rate and currency contracts).
General exclusion of investment income
     51. - (1) Income from investments is not relevant shipping income.
      (2) To the extent that an activity gives rise to income from investments it is not regarded as part of a company's tonnage tax activities.
      (3) For the purposes of this paragraph "income from investments" includes-
    (a) any income chargeable to tax under Schedule A or Case III of Schedule D, and
    (b) any equivalent foreign income.
      (4) "Equivalent foreign income" means income chargeable under Case V of Schedule D that-
    (a) consists in income of an overseas property business, or
    (b) is equivalent to a description of income chargeable to tax under Case III of Schedule D but arises from a possession outside the United Kingdom.
      (5) Sub-paragraph (1) above does not affect income that is relevant shipping income under-
    paragraph 49 (distributions of overseas shipping companies), or
    paragraph 50 (certain interest etc.).
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