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SCHEDULE (B).- Part 2
  SUPPLEMENTARY, 1999- 2000
      Schedule of Supplementary Sums granted, and of the sums which may be applied as appropriations in aid in addition thereto, to defray the charges for the Services herein particularly mentioned, for the year ended 31st March 2000, viz:-
Supply Grants
Appropriations in Aid
Class I
1. For expenditure by the Department for Education and Employment on voluntary and special schools; the Assisted Places Scheme; the provision of education for under-fives; City Colleges and other specialist schools; grant-maintained schools and schools conducted by Education Associations; music and ballet schools; the school curriculum and its assessment; the youth service and other educational services and initiatives; careers guidance and services; payments for or in connection with teacher training and modernising the teaching profession; higher and further education provision and initiatives; loans to students, student awards and other student grants and their administration; the payment of access funds; reimbursement of fees for qualifying European Community students; compensation payments to teachers and staff of certain institutions; expenditure on other central government grants to local authorities; the provision of training and assessment programmes for young people and adults; initiatives to improve training and qualifications arrangements and access to these; the promotion of enterprise and the encouragement of self employment; payments for education, training and employment projects assisted by the European Community and refunds to the European Community; the UK subscription of the ILO; help for unemployed people; the promotion of equal opportunities, disability rights, childcare provision and co-ordination of certain issues of particular importance to women; the payment of certain fees to the Home Office; loans to the University of Industry; the Department's own administration and research and payments for the administration of teachers' pensions; information and publicity services; payments to Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) and to the Department for the Environment, Transport and the Regions in connection with RDAs; expenditure via Training and Enterprise Councils and amounts retained by them as surpluses and spent by them on training and other initiatives within their articles and memoranda of association; expenditure in connection with the sales of the student loans debt; initiatives with other government departments under the Invest to Save Budget; and on expenditure in connection with the Welfare to Work Programme and Millennium Volunteers.......
3. For expenditure by the Employment Service of the Department for Education and Employment on: measures to help people, particularly people who are unemployed, people with disabilities, lone parents, and other people on benefit into work; the elements of the delivery of the Jobseeker's Allowance undertaken by the Employment Service; the administration and delivery of, and where appropriate the payment of allowances and grants to people participating in, the Welfare to Work programme and other employment programmes, pilot programmes and new measures to help people into work; the payment of temporary subsidies to employers; the payment of grants to voluntary bodies and local authorities towards the provision of supported employment; a grant in aid and the provision of a temporary loan facility to Remploy Limited; initiatives with other government departments and local authorities under the Invest to Save Budget; assistance and advice on employment services and labour market issues to international organisations; research; publicity; and administration......
5. For expenditure by the Department for Education and Employment on expenditure supporting families and promoting the physical, intellectual and social development of pre-school children and the administration of the Sure Start Unit.dotfill;
Class II
1. For expenditure by the Department of Health on hospital, community health, family health and related services, and services provided to or on behalf of the Scottish Executive, the National Assembly for Wales and Northern Ireland......
2. For expenditure by the Department of Health on administration, including certain expenditure on behalf of the Department of Social Security and the National Health Service in England, on miscellanous health, personal social and other services (some of which are administered on a United Kingdom basis), including medical, scientific and technical services, services for disabled persons, grants to voluntary organisations, medical treatment given to people from the United Kingdom in other countries of the European Economic Area and on welfare food, payments in respect of Home Office inspection of laboratories services, grants in aid, payments and subscriptions to international organisations, the Welfare to Work programme; payments made under Sector Challenge arrangements with the Department of Trade and Industry and services provided to or on behalf of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Expenditure on behalf of the Food Standards Agency......
Class III
1. For expenditure by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions on payments to the Housing Corporation; Housing Revenue Account Subsidy; grants towards and advice on the renewal of private sector housing; the Estates Renewal Challenge Fund; homelessness, including the Rough Sleepers Unit; housing management, gypsy sites; rent and leasehold services; support for the UK construction industry; Regional Development Agencies; the New Deal for Communities and other help for deprived neighbourhoods; Single Regeneration Budget; Urban Regeneration Agency (English Partnerships); Housing Action Trusts; Estate Action; Groundwork; coalfields regeneration; European Union agency payments, including those for ports and railways in Wales; European Regional Development Fund projects not funded by or in advance of receipts; Countryside Agency; Nature Conservancy Council for England; National Parks Grant; bulk pension transfers; and sundry other grants-in-aid, grants and payments in support of housing, construction, regeneration, regional policy and countryside and wildlife initiatives, including related research, publicity and publications......
2. For expenditure by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions on grants, services and consultancies for roads and local transport; priority routes in London; Government Office programme expenditure; vehicle and traffic enforcement; publicity; statistics, censuses and surveys; Trans European network payments for various local transport projects; planning and minerals research and other planning programmes; payments to the Ordnance Survey (Trading Fund); research and support for roads and local transport; travel awareness campaign; promoting green transport plans; transport supplementary grants to highway authorities in England; public transport facilities grants; grants to highway authorities and developers under the Industrial Development Act; support for rural bus services, and licence fee refunds to goods vehicle and public service vehicle operators and drivers......
3. For expenditure by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions on the environment, including support for measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve energy efficiency and environmental practice; support to the environmental protection industry; environmental technology; environmental (including energy efficiency) publicity, promotion and awareness, including support for measures to promote sustainable development and consumption of products and services; grants and other financial support to voluntary bodies; support for Environmental Campaigns Ltd; support for the National Environmental Technology Centre; subscriptions and contributions to international organisations; the Wash Estuary Trial Bank; support for the aims and implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity; support for measures which improve local environmental quality, pollution emergency response services; radon measurement and support of remedial works campaigns; research, long term monitoring and surveys; grant in aid to the Environment Agency, British Waterways Board and UK Ecolabelling Board; compensation for sufferers, or their dependents, of certain dust related diseases and related publicity for the scheme; water supply and sewerage services including national security......
4. For expenditure by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions on payment of revenue support grant and redistributed non-domestic rates to receiving authorities in England; payments to specified bodies and the Commission for Local Administration in England; payments for Valuation Office Agency rating and valuation services; payments to meet the expenses of valuation tribunals; grant in aid to the Local Government Commission and costs of mapping revised administrative and electoral boundaries following reviews by the Commission; payments in connection with Best Value; costs of preparing for the Greater London Authority and associated bodies, and payments in connection with the Mayoral and Assembly elections; residual payments of rate rebate grants; payments of SSA reduction grants and central support protection grant; payments of reorganisation: transitional reduction grant; payments in respect of the capital element of contracts let under the Private Finance Initiative; emergency financial assistance to local authorities; grants to beacon councils; repayments of excess contributions made by local authorities in respect of non-domestic rates in 1998- 99 and previous years; local government research and publicity, and special payments in connection with local government programmes......
5. For expenditure by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions on administration, including research, royal commissioners, Committees, etc; Government Offices for the Regions administration; grant in aid to the Health and Safety commission; the residual functions of PSA Services; and on the sale of the PSA Services businesses......
6. For expenditure by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions on support to nationalised industries; grants to Railtrack, British Rail, London Transport, Docklands Light Railway, DoA Ltd; MRPS grant; payments in respect of expenditure relating to the Channel Tunnel Rail Link; expenditure connected with the privatisation of British Rail Business; other consultancies and research; expenditure relating to Commission for Integrated Transport; capital expenditure by transport industries funded by EC grants; railway industry and National Freight Company pensions funds; National Freight Company travel concessions; rebate of fuel duty to bus operators; ports and shipping services; Royal Travel; miscellaneous services; civil aviation services; international aviation services; transport security; freight grants, and expenditure associated with the non rail privatisation programme......
7. For expenditure by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions on the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, the Planning Inspectorate Executive Agency, The Rent Service Executive Agency and the Vehicle Certification Agency; grants to the Vehicle Inspectorate; loans to the Vehicle Inspectorate, the Driving Standards Agency and the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre Executive Agency trading funds; and the capital charge for the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre; and privatisation costs of the Building Research Establishment Executive Agency......
8. For expenditure by the Highways Agency of the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions and the Highways Agency of the former Department of Transport on the construction, improvement, maintenance and management of motorways and trunk roads, including the acquisition of land, publicity, scheme design and preparation, archaeological survey and rescue work, compensation; administration costs of the Highways Agency; export opportunities; and research and development in support of Highways Agency operations......
9. For expenditure by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions in connection with driver and vehicle registration and licensing, the collection of revenue, compensation and payments towards the pension of Local Authority staff employed on driver and vehicle licensing before the setting up of DVLC, and the development and operations of other systems associated with registration and licensing, the provision of anonymised data and miscellaneous services......
10. For expenditure by the Office of Passenger Rail Franchising on the franchising of passenger rail services; the provision of, and support for, passenger rail services; the formation and financing of companies formed to facilitate the Franchising Director's functions; and administration and miscellaneous services......
11. For expenditure by the Office of the Rail Regulator on administration and associated capital and other expenditure and on costs of the Rail Users Consultative Committees......
Class IV
1. For expenditure by the Home Office on police; the Forensic Science Service; registration of forensic practitioners; emergency planning; fire services, including grant to the Fire Service Youth Training Association; the Fire Service College; criminal policy and programmes including offender programmes; the prevention and treatment of drug abuse; crime reduction and prevention; provision of services relating to the Crime and Disorder Act; criminal justice planning system and other services related to crime; support to the voluntary sector; family policy issues; research; criminal injuries compensation; organised and international crime; control of immigration and nationality, support for asylum seekers; refunds of fines to carriers of inadequately documentated passengers; issue of passports; community and constitutional services; firearms compensation and related matters; and on administration (excluding the provision for prisons administration carried on Class IV, Vote 2); claims by local authorities for Kosovan evacuees special grant......
2. For expenditure by the Home Office in England and Wales on prisons (including central administration and other costs arising from the detention of prisoners); placements in secure accommodation under Section 53 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933; Prison Service colleges; the Parole Board; the storage and maintenance of equipment; transport management; grants to ``Prisoners Abroad''; Welfare to Work schemes; and funding for joint initiatives within the criminal justice system......
Class V
1. For expenditure by the Lord Chancellor's Department HQ and associated offices; payments in support of marriage guidance; conciliation and mediation; the Court Service; the Public Trust Office; legal aid in criminal cases; grants to the Legal Aid Fund; costs paid from central funds; the magistrates courts; and other legal services and a payment to the Land Registry for the Invest to Save budget......
2. For expenditure by the Northern Ireland Court Service on court services; other legal services; accommodation services; and legal aid......
3. For expenditure by the Public Record Office on its administration and operational costs......
4. For expenditure by the Crown Prosecution Service on administrative costs, including the hire of private prosecuting agents; Crown prosecutions; and in connection with the confiscation of the proceeds of crime......
6. For expenditure by the Department of the Procurator General and Treasury Solicitor, the Treasury Solicitor's Department Agency, the Government Property Lawyer's Agency and the Legal Secretariat to the Law Officers on administration and costs for fees for legal and related services......
Class VI
1. For expenditure by the Ministry of Defence on personnel costs etc of the armed forces and their reserves and cadet forces and personnel costs etc of Defence Ministers and of civilian staff employed by the Ministry of Defence; movements; charter of ships; logistic services for the armed forces; repair, maintenance stores and supply services; associated capital facilities and works; contractors' redundancy costs; plant and machinery; expenditure by the Defence Procurement Agency in operating its headquarters and establishments and for its common services; nuclear warhead and fissile material programme; procurement including development and production of equipment and weapon systems for the armed forces; purchases for sale abroad; research etc by contract; sundry procurement services including those on repayment terms; lands and buildings; works services; contingent liabilities; services provided by other Government departments; sundry services, subscriptions, grants and other payments including those abroad such as assistance to Foreign and Commonwealth Governments for defence related purposes; and set-up costs and loans to trading funds......
Class VII
1. For expenditure by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on its administration, on Wilton Park Executive Agency, on the Government Hospitality Fund and Lancaster House, on international organisations, peacekeeping, special payments and assistance, scholarships, overseas visitors, sundry other grants and services, the BBC World Service Monitoring Service and on grants in aid to the BBC World Service for broadcasting and to the British Council......
Class VIII
1. For expenditure by the Department for International Development on international development under the Overseas Development and Co-operation Act 1980 including financial and technical assistance to governments, institutions, voluntary agencies and individuals; capital and other subscriptions and contributions, including payments under guarantee, to multilateral development banks and other international and regional bodies; emergency, refugee and other relief assistance; pensions and allowances in respect of overseas services including contributions to pension funds (including payments under the Overseas Pensions Act 1973, and grants in lieu of pensions); global environment assistance; loans to the Commonwealth Development Corporation under the Commonwealth Development Corporation Acts 1978- 1999; payments to UNESCO; running costs, related capital expenditure and other administrative costs, costs involved in the development of a public/private partnership with the Commonwealth Development Corporation; payments (under the authority of the European Communities Act 1972) to certain beneficiaries of the Gibraltar Social Insurance Fund......
Class IX
1. For expenditure by the Department of Trade and Industry on support for business; the promotion of enterprise and innovation, including the preparation of regional innovation strategies, the spread of industry led partnerships aimed at spreading best practice, the encouragement of the uptake and accessibility of technology at home and overseas, and payments to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (Class XI, Vote 1) for funding of projects in the tourist and media sectors; payment to the Department for Education and Employment (Class I, Vote 1) in respect of HEROBIC funds; research and development, including support for standards and the National Measurement System; the promotion of competition, consumer and investor protection; including support for an EU funded consumer education project and a payment to OFGAS (Class IX, Vote 9); the regulation of trade; fulfilment of international non-proliferation obligations; the promotion of awareness of the Century Date Change problem and the facilitation of access to solutions; improvement of employment relations and other programmes to encourage the development of a skilled and flexible labour market, the promotion of fairness and minimum standards at work, including a national minimum wage and payment to the Inland Revenue for its enforcement, and payments towards the expenses of the Office of Manpower Economics; discharge of liabilities in respect of former public sector employees who suffered damage as a result of an admitted failure to implement the Acquired Rights Directive; improvement of radio spectrum efficiency; regional and selective assistance; the aerospace and shipbuilding industries; exchange risk and other guarantee losses; international subscriptions; energy-related programmes including research and development, nuclear liabilities, security of oil and gas supplies, and civil nuclear emergency planning; grants and loans to the British Coal Corporation, liabilities in respect of former coal industry employees, mainly employees of the British Coal Corporation, and other liabilities transferred from British Coal and associated administration costs including arbitration arrangements, grant in aid to the Coal Authority; assistance to redundant steel workers; claims for the restitution of property of victims of Nazi persecution seized during the Second World War under the Trading With the Enemy legislation; departmental administration including the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service grant in aid, support for employment tribunals, a share of the running costs of the Government Offices for the Regions; payment to the Cabinet Office (Class XVII, Vote 1) towards the costs of E-Envoy; central and miscellaneous services; the operational costs of departmental executive agencies; privatisation expenses including the coal, nuclear power and electricity industries; the costs of advisers for the BNFL Public Private Partnership; payment to the Post Office for Horizon renegotiation costs; loans to trading funds; petroleum licensing and royalty; provision of land and buildings, loans, grants and other payments......
2. For expenditure by the Department of Trade and Industry on payments to the Science Research Councils; the Royal Society; the Royal Academy of Engineering; OST initiatives; the University Challenge Fund; the Joint Infrastructure Fund, and the Science Enterprise Challenge Scheme; fees payable under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986; and Research Council Pensions......
5. For expenditure by the Export Credits Guarantee Department in connection with managing the programme to provide interest support to banks and other lenders of export finance including the use of swaps and alternative sources of funding; cover under the tender to contract forward exchange supplement scheme; grants towards financing exports to match foreign competition; residual commitment under discontinued guarantees offered to banks and external trade agencies; cost escalation; and funding the Guaranteed Export Finance Corporation (GEFCO)......
7. For expenditure by the Office of Fair Trading on administrative and operational costs......
8. For expenditure by the Office of Telecommunications on administrative and operational costs, and co-operation with overseas national regulatory authorities......
9. For expenditure by the Office of Gas Supply on administrative and operational costs......
10. For expenditure by the Office of Electricity Regulation on administration and operational costs......
Class X
1. For expenditure by the Intervention Board- Executive Agency in giving effect in the United Kingdom to the agricultural support provisions of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union; other services including BSE emergency measures; and administration......
2. For expenditure by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for operational expenditure, agencies and departmental administration, to ensure that consumers benefit from competitively priced food, produced to high standards of safety, environmental care and animal welfare and from a sustainable, efficient food chain, and to contribute to the well-being of rural and coastal communities; to provide specialist support services; to allocate resources where they are most needed; to manage and develop staff; to undertake research and development; to provide for the expenditure of the Ministry's executive agencies; and on prepatory work for the establishment of the Food Standards Agency......
3. For expenditure by the Forestry Commission on the promotion of forestry, including support to the private sector for planting of new forest and woodlands, replanting after felling and maintenance grants for improvements: regulating forestry activity through the application of forest management standards and felling controls; conducting forest research; managing the Commission's forests; paying superannuation benefits to its former staff; and associated administrative costs......
Class XI
1. For the expenditure by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport on payments in support of national and other museums and galleries; for the Government Indemnity Scheme; to the Inland Revenue for assets accepted in lieu of tax; in the support of the British Library and other library institutions and services; to the Arts and Sports Councils and for other arts and sports bodies and schemes; to Royal Palaces and Parks; to the Royal Armouries; for historic buildings, ancient monuments, certain public buildings, the national heritage and architecture; for the promotion of tourism and European Regional Development Fund projects; to film bodies and projects; for sponsorship of the music industry; to the Welsh Fourth Channel Authority and for certain broadcasting services and schemes including the expenses on the privatisation of the BBC transmission services; for related research, surveys and other services; for central administration costs; expenses of the New Opportunities Fund, of the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts and of the National Lottery Commission; and for commemorative services and Royal funerals......
Class XII
1. For expenditure by the Department of Social Security on non contributory retirement pensions; Christmas bonus payments to pensioners; pensions etc, for disablement or death arising out of war, or service in the armed forces after 2 September 1939 and sundry other services, including pension and other payments in respect of service in the armed forces at other times; attendance allowance; invalid care allowance; severe disablement allowance; disability living allowance; disability working allowance; pensions, gratuities and sundry allowances for disablement and specified deaths arising from industrial causes; income support; payments of spousal and child maintenance; child benefit; family credit; vaccine damage payment scheme; earnings top up pilot; jobseeker's allowance (income based); jobseeker's allowance (contribution based); back to work bonus and expenditure incurred as part of the Welfare to Work initiative......
2. For expenditure by the Department of Social Security on rent rebate, rent allowance, council tax benefit, community charge benefit, community charge rebate and rate rebate subsidies to housing, billing, levying and local authorities, subsidies towards their costs incurred in administering the housing benefit, council tax benefit schemes and sums payable in respect of verification framework; anti-fraud and similar administrative measures; sums payable for participatioin in the ONE Pilot Scheme; sums payable for use for compensation payments to providers of existing supported accommodation; sums payable to the National Insurance Fund for compensation payments in respect of statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay; sums payable into the Social Fund for expenditure on maternity expenses, funeral expenses, heating expenses in exceptionally cold weather and Winter Fuel payments, and to finance budgeting loans, crisis loans and community care grants; sums payable as grants to Independent Living, as grants to Motability towards their administrative costs and to enable them to assist invalid vehicle users and others to have adapted and/or to purchase or lease cars from them and as grants to the British Limbless ex-Servicemen's Association to enable them to assist certain other disabled vehicle users to have cars adapted......
3. For expenditure by the Department of Social Security on administration, for agency payments, expenditure incurred as part of the Welfare to Work initiative, expenditure on behalf of Department of Health, and for certain other services including grants to local authorities and voluntary organisations and other organisations......
Class XIII
1. For expenditure by the Scotland Office on administative costs and operational costs; electoral publicity; the Parliamentary Boundary Commission for Scotland; other devolution costs, including the panel to oversee the cross-party electoral expenditure agreement and on a grant to the Scottish Consolidated Fund......
Class XIV
1. For expenditure by the Welsh Office, the Office of the Secretary of State for Wales and the National Assembly for Wales on agriculture, fisheries and food; forestry; arterial drainage, flood and coast protection; industrial support, training, enterprise, education; roads, transport, housing, environmental services, Cadw, arts and libraries, health (including National Health Service trusts), personal social services; ERDF; Welsh Office, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales and National Assembly for Wales administration; devolution; local government; on payments to the National Assembly for Wales following devolution; the Office of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools in Wales, the Auditor General for Wales; and on certain other grants and transfers......
Class XV
1. For expenditure by the Northern Ireland Office on central and miscellaneous services; elections; the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, Reviews and Commissions arising from the Belfast Agreement; security; the Independent Commission for Police Complaints in Northern Ireland; the Police Ombudsman; the Independent Commissioner for Holding Centres; the Independent Assessor of Military Complaints Procedures in Northern Ireland; the Parades Commission; arms decommissioning; forensic services; prisons; services related to crime; criminal justice; training schools; probation and after-care, etc; state pathology; Crown prosecutions and other legal services; compensation schemes; policing; European Union peace and reconciliation projects; and certain other grants (Revised)......
2. For expenditure by the Northern Ireland Office on a grant in aid to the Northern Ireland Consolidated Fund and other transfers......
Class XVI
1. For expenditure by Her Majesty's Treasury on economic, financial and related administration; review of the services provided by the UK banking sector; payment to FSA for the carrying out of insurance supervision responsibilities; payments to certain parliamentary bodies and certain other services including expenses in connection with Honours and Dignities; a grant in aid to the Private Finance Taskforce; payments relating to the Debt Management Office; on providing information to business about the euro; and under the indemnity guarantee in respect of Paymaster.
2. For expenditure by Her Majesty's Treasury in connection with the manufacture, storage and distribution of coinage for use in the United Kingdom......
3. For expenditure by the Customs and Excise Department on the administration of taxation; the operation of customs and revenue controls and other customs and excise work; and payments in respect of the Customs and Excise National Museum......
4. For expenditure by the Inland Revenue Department on the management and collection of the direct taxes, tax credits and national insurance contributions, management of the National Insurance Funds for Great Britain and Northern Ireland, for services provided to the Department's information technology partner, for other departments, for overseas tax administrations and for the administration of Millennium Gift Aid......
5. For expenditure by the Inland Revenue Department Valuation Office (Executive Agency) on the provision of valuation and other services for government departments and other public bodies......
6. For expenditure by the Inland Revenue Department on life assurance premium relief, mortgage interest relief, private medical insurance premium relief, vocational training relief, transitional payments to charities and amounts payable to the National Insurance Fund in respect of compensation payments for the national insurance holiday scheme......
8. For expenditure of National Savings on administration payments for contracted out services, publicity costs and certain other expenses......
9. For expenditure by the Registry of Friendly Societies on behalf of the Building Societies Commission, the Friendly Societies Commission, and the Central Office of the Registry on administrative costs, including amounts paid under contract to the Financial Services Authority......
11. For expenditure by the Office for National Statistics on the provision of economic, social, labour market and other statistics and on departmental administration......
14. For expenditure by Her Majesty's Treasury in connection with the sales of residual Government shareholdings and holdings of privatised companies debt......
Class XVII
1. For expenditure by the Minister for the Cabinet Office on the Offices of the Prime Minister, the Minister of State, the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Privy Seal, and the Government Chief Whip; the Parliamentary Counsel; Secretariat to the Cabinet; on the central management of, and delivery of services to, the Civil Service and wider public sector; delivery of the modernisation of government programme, Public Confidence Programme on Year 2000 issues, cross-departmental IT systems; co-ordination of a number of cross-cutting issues including social exclusion, anti-drugs and women's issues; Royal Commission on the House of Lords Reform; Minister for the Cabinet Office's chairmanship of the Ministerial Committees for Better Government, Biotechnology and Drugs Misuse; management of the Vacant Civil Estate; grant in aid to a number of Civil Service Welfare organisations; payments to the Chequers Trust and British National Committee for the History of the Second World War; and certain other services......
2. For expenditure by Her Majesty's Security and Intelligence Services on administration and operational costs, works and equipment, pensions and other payments......
3. For expenditure by the Cabinet Office on the superannuation of civil servants; pensions, etc, in respect of former members of the Royal Irish Constabulary and other pensions and non-recurrent payments; and for certain other services......
5. For expenditure by the Department of Her Majesty's Privy Council on administration costs and for a payment to the Cabinet Office (Class XVII, Vote 1)......
2. For expenditure by the House of Lords on Peers' expenses and administrative costs, including staff pensions, security, stationery, printing, financial assistance to Opposition parties, and a grant in aid to the History of Parliament Trust......
4. For expenditure by the House of Commons on Members' salaries, allowances, pensions, etc, financial assistance to Opposition parties, and an Exchequer contribution to the Members' Fund......
Class XVIII, A
1. For expenditure by the House of Commons Commission on administration; including security, broadcasting, publicity, stationery, printing, catering services and a grant in aid to the History of Parliament Trust......
Total, Supplementary, 1999- 2000.....£
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