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SCHEDULE (B).- Part 3
Class I
      Schedule of Sums granted, and of the sums which may be applied as appropriations in aid in addition thereto, to defray the charges for the Services herein particularly mentioned, which will come in course of payment during the year ending on 31st March 2001, viz:-
Sums not exceeding
Supply Grants
Appropriations in Aid
1. For expenditure by the Department for Education and Employment on voluntary and special schools; the Assisted Places Scheme; the provision of education for under-fives; City Colleges and other specialist schools; grant-maintained schools; music, dance and drama schools and institutions; the school curriculum and its assessment; services and initiatives to promote learning, and providing advice, guidance and support; careers guidance and services; payments for or in connection with teacher training and representation; and modernising the teaching profession; higher and further education provision and initiatives; loans to students, student awards and other student grants and their administration; access funds and other student support payments; reimbursement of fees for qualifying European Community students; compensation payments to teachers and staff of certain institutions; expenditure on other central government grants to loacl authorities; the provision of training and assessment programmes for young people and adults; initiatives to improve training and qualifications arrangements and access to these; the promotion of enterprise and the encouragement of self employment; administration of and payments for education, training and employment projects assisted by the European Community and refunds to the European Community; the UK subscription of the International Labour Organisation (ILO); help for unemployed people; the promotion of equal opportunities, disability rights, age diversity in employment, childcare provision and co-ordination of certain issues of particular importance to women and families and the promotion of work-life balance; the payment of certain fees to the Home Office; loans to the University for Industry, Training and Enterprise Councils, Chambers of Commerce, Training and Enterprise and Careers Service Partnerships; the Department's own administration and research and payments for the administration of teachers' pensions; information and publicity services; payments to the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions in connection with the Regional Development Agencies and the London Development Agency; expenditure via Training and Enterprise Councils and amounts retained by them as surpluses and spent by them on training and other initiatives within their articles and memoranda of association; expenditure in connection with the sales of the student loans debt; initiatives with other government departments under the Invest to Save Budget; on expenditure in connection with the Welfare to Work Programme and Millennium Volunteers; and on a small event for some former employees and Westminster pensioners to mark the Millennium. (Revised)...
2. For expenditure by the Department for Education and Employment on superannuation allowances and gratuities, etc, in respect of teachers, and the widows, widowers, children and dependants of deceased teachers, and for premature retirement compensation payments made to members of the Teachers' Pensions Scheme and on behalf of their employers.......
3. For expenditure by the Employment Service of the Department for Education and Employment on: measures to help people, particularly people who are unemployed, people with disabilities, lone parents, and other people on benefit into work; the elements of the delivery of the Jobseeker's Allowance undertaken by the Employment Service; the administration and delivery of, and where appropriate the payment of allowances and grants to people participating in, the Welfare to Work programme and other employment programmes, pilot programmes and new measures to help people into work; the payment of temporary subsidies to employers; the payment of grants to voluntary bodies and local authorities towards the provision of supported employment; a grant in aid and the provision of a temporary loan facility to Remploy Limited; initiatives with other government departments and local authorities under the Invest to Save Budget; assistance and advice on employment services and labour market issues to international organisations; research; publicity; and administration......
4. For expenditure by the Office of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools in England on administration and inspection, including the inspection of schools and other educational institutions, funded nursery providers and Local Education Authorities; the regulation of childminders and daycare for young children and for inspecting the education of 16 to 19 year olds.......
5. For expenditure by the Department for Education and Employment on promoting the physical, intellectual and social development of young children; supporting families and communities; evaluating the programme; and the administration of the Sure Start Unit.......
Total, Class I.......£
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Prepared 6 July 2000