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SCHEDULE (B).- Part 4
Class II
      Schedule of Sums granted, and of the sums which may be applied as appropriations in aid in addition thereto, to defray the charges for the Services herein particularly mentioned, which will come in course of payment during the year ending on 31st March 2001, viz:-
Sums not exceeding
Supply Grants
Appropriations in Aid
For expenditure by the Department of Health on hospital, community health, family health and related services. ......
2. For expenditure by the Department of Health on administration, including certain expenditure on behalf of the Department of Social Security and the National Health Service in England, on miscellaneous health, personal social and other services (some of which are administered on a United Kingdom basis), including other local government services, medical, scientific and technical services, services for disabled persons, grants to voluntary organisations, medical treatment given to people from the United Kingdom in other countries of the European Economic Area and on welfare food, payments in respect of Home Office inspection of laboratories services, grants in aid, payments and subscriptions to international organisations, prison healthcare, education and training for all health professional (excluding doctors), the Welfare to Work programme, payments made under Sector Challenge arrangements with the Department of Trade and Industry and services provided to or on behalf of the Scottish Executive, the National Assembly for Wales and Northern Ireland. (Revised)......
3. For expenditure by the NHS Pensions Agency on pensions, allowances, gratuities, transfers to alternative pension arrangements, refunds of contributions, compensation for early retirement, to or in respect of persons engaged in health services or in other approved employment......
4. For expenditure by the Food Standards Agency on departmental administration, operations and set-up costs of the agency to protect and promote the interests of consumers in relation to food safety and standards; to develop appropriate standards for animal feedingstuffs; to manage research and surveillance work, and develop risk analysis and communication techniques; to provide the public with information concerning food standards and safety; to provide for the expenditure of the Meat Hygiene Service......
Total, Class II......£
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Prepared 6 July 2000