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SCHEDULE (B).- Part 7
Class V
      Schedule of Sums granted, and of the sums which may be applied as appropriations in aid in addition thereto, to defray the charges for the Services herein particularly mentioned, which will come in course of payment during the year ending on 31st March 2001, viz:-
Sums not exceeding
Supply Grants
Appropriations in Aid
1. For expenditure by the Lord Chancellor's Department HQ and associated offices; payments in support of marriage guidance; conciliation and mediation; the Court Service; the Public Trust Office; Legal Aid in criminal cases; grants to the Criminal Defence Service and Community Legal Service; administration for Legal Services Commission; costs paid from central funds; the magistrates courts; and other legal services; and for joint initiatives in the Criminal Justice System. (including a supplementary sum of (£10,000,000).......
2. For expenditure by the Northern Ireland Court Service on Court Services; other legal services; accommodation services; and legal aid.......
3. For expenditure by the Public Record Office on administration and operational costs........
4. For expenditure by the Crown Prosecution Service on administrative costs, including the hire of private prosecuting agents; Crown prosecutions; and in connection with the confiscation of the proceeds of crime.......
5. For expenditure by the Serious Fraud Office on administration, investigation and prosecution costs.......
6. For expenditure by the Department of the Procurator General and Treasury Solicitor, the Treasury Solicitor's Department Agency and the Legal Secretariat to the Law Officers on administration, costs and fees for legal and related expenditure, and residual matters following the closure of Government Property Lawyers Agency.......
Total, Class V......£
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Prepared 6 July 2000