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SCHEDULE (B).- Part 12
Class X
      Schedule of Sums granted, and of the sums which may be applied as appropriations in aid in addition thereto, to defray the charges for the Services herein particularly mentioned, which will come in course of payment during the year ending on 31st March 2001, viz:-
Sums not exceeding
Supply Grants
Appropriations in Aid
1. For expenditure by the Intervention Board- Executive Agency in giving effect in the United Kingdom to the agricultural support provisions of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union; other services including BSE emergency measures; and administration......
2. For operational expenditure, agencies and departmental administration, to ensure that consumers benefit from competitively priced food produced to high standards of safety, environmental care and animal welfare and from a sustainable, efficient food chain, and to contribute to the well-being of rural and coastal communities; to provide specialist support services; to allocate resources where they are needed; to manage and develop staff; to undertake research and development; to provide for the expenditure of the Ministry's executive agencies and cover for possible payments to Spanish fishermen following EC judgement against the UK......
3. For expenditure by the Forestry Commission on the promotion of forestry, including support to the private sector for planting of new forest and woodlands, replanting after felling and maintenance grants for improvements; regulating forestry activity through the application of forest management standards and felling controls; conducting forest research; managing the Commission's forests; paying superannuation benefits to its former staff; and associated administrative costs......
Total, Class X.....£
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Prepared 6 July 2000