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SCHEDULE (B).- Part 14
Class XII
      Schedule of Sums granted, and of the sums which may be applied as appropriations in aid in addition thereto, to defray the charges for the Services herein particularly mentioned, which will come in course of payment during the year ending on 31st March 2001, viz:-
Sums not exceeding
Supply Grants
Appropriations in Aid
1. For expenditure by the Department of Social Security on non-contributory retirement pensions; Christmas bonus payments to pensioners; pensions etc., for disablement or death arising out of war, or service in the armed forces after 2 September 1939 and sundry other services, including pension and other payments in respect of service in the armed forces at other times; attendance allowance; invalid care allowance; severe disablement allowance; disability living allowance; disability working allowance; pensions, gratuities and sundry allowances for disablement and specified deaths arising from industrial causes; income support; payments of spousal and child maintenance; child benefit; family credit; vaccine damage payment scheme; earnings top-up pilot; jobseeker's allowance (income based); jobseeker's allowance (contribution based); back to work bonus; and expenditure incurred as part of the Welfare to Work initiative........
2. For expenditure by the Department of Social Security on rent rebate, rent allowance, council tax benefit, community charge benefit, community charge rebate and rate rebate subsidies to housing, billing, levying and local authorities, subsidies towards their costs incurred in administering the housing benefit and council tax benefit schemes and on sums payable in respect of the verification framework, sums payable in respect of anti-fraud and similar administrative measures; sums payable for participation in the ONE pilot scheme, sums payable for incentive payments in respect of the housing benefit under occupation pilot schemes and sums payable for residual compensation payments to providers of supported accommodation; sums payable as grants to Independent Living, as grants to Motability towards their administrative costs and to enable them to assist invalid vehicle users and others to have adapted and/or to purchase or lease cars from them and as grants to the British Limbless ex-Servicemen's Association to enable them to assist certain other disabled vehicle users to have cars adapted; sums payable to the National Insurance Fund for compensation payments in respect of statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay; sums payable to the Social Fund for budgeting and crisis loans, community care grants, maternity and funeral expenses, heating costs in exceptionally cold weather and winter fuel payments. (Revised)........
3. For expenditure by the Department of Social Security on administration, for agency payments; expenditure incurred as part of the Welfare to Work initiative; expenditure on behalf of Department of Health, and for certain other services, including grants to local authorities and voluntary organisations and other organisations. (Revised)........
Total, Class XII......£
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Prepared 6 July 2000